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Never say never.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. I finally got busted with weed....first time this has ever happened to me.

    Fred, DarkMatter, and I were driving in this backwater town near where we live and we got pulled over by an undercover cop because Fred's windsheild was cracked from yesterday. They found a blunt in the ashtray, two roaches, papers, a rolling machine, about 30-40 seeds in a little container, and Fred's scale.

    I have to call the officer tomorrow...I'm almost positive he's going to make a deal with me. I'm pretty sure he'd give me a lighter sentance if I told him who I buy from...he made that almost obvious. I don't really feel comfortable with ratting anyone out, but there's someone I could tell them that I don't like. He's an asshole anyway, so I might give them his name. I don't know...maybe I'll see how bad the worse charge will be if I don't give any names.

    Wish me luck, I have to call him at 9:00 am tomorrow morning. (That means I have to get up early on a saturday....that sucks.)
  2. dont be a narc :/

    but im not in your situation, so i cant really give a valid opinion...
  3. that sucks but i wouldnt make ne deals with cops without a lawyer. escpaily ones from a backwater town lol
  4. :( that sucks. Good luck Hempress...gettin busted REALLY sucks. One of my friends is still on probation for it.
  5. NO, dont do it. it might seem like it will help you but think about how fucked up it is, whats the point of getting others in trouble when they didnt do anything to deserve it, even if they are assholes. i got ratted last year and it sucks ass, the guy that snitched had the exact same charge and sentence as me or whatever and he snitched on like 10 people.

    basically im saying dont do it, get a can prolly get some leniant probation
  6. That really is not cool at all Hempress. Loads of good karma coming your way...
  7. never rat mate... people find out in the streets no matter what, and trust me, people will always find out..

    any way u dont want no bad karma on u...
  8. that really sucks...

    but dont rat out the guy! even if you hate him, theres a good chance youll keep the same charge and theyll just go bust him too. and i mean, what if someone was mad at you and said you delt?! (even if you didnt... it would still suck)
  9. Please please please get a good lawyer. And don't tell the
    cops shit without him or her there.
  10. I wish you luck on this, and am sending ya karma. Did they find any on you? are you being charged with possession, or just use? I would also suggest a lawyer, but if it's just use, I don't know what good a lawyer could be, since it's already at the bottom of the pole.
  11. In a lot of places you would get the shit kicked out of you for doing that. If you were a guy. At my friends university in Ashland, Oregon 5 dealers just got busted in the dorms becuase some tweaker who got busted with meth materials made a deal. Turns out the dorms was within 1000 feet of a highschool so the charges a lot more serious, and at least one of them had mushrooms too. The bail for all of them was $50,000+ though as of late they are all out for some reason.
    Check it out:
    Just act really sorry and say that you always buy your weed in some shady street deal. Just bullshit something jesus christ...would you really feel better after you get your dealer busted?? Would it be a big weight off your shoulders to not have to go to're going to get somebody in even more trouble than you would have gotten know a lot of weed dealers have shit like coke and shrooms too, what if your dealer has to go to jail for months or years because you got intimidated by some wacky cop?
    Just take the fall yourself if it comes to it, it's not the end of your life...if you have to get charged ask the officer to make it a ticket, not an all-out criminal charge.

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  12. ya like adambc said. what if their was somebody that hated u forsome reason even if u dindt mind them. n ur just minding ur buisness than all off a sudden the cops come a knockin.

    wouldnt that suck ..wouldnt u go find out who did it n beat the living shit out of them ..i kno i would.
  13. Woah ... NEVER EVER cooperate with the police, take this from a guy who's been there many times before. Just keep your mouth shut, never talk, who gives a fuck? Seriously, don't rat out nobody for anything. Sammy Gravano said it best ... "Never open your mouth unless you're in a dentist chair."

    Also, a classic line from GoodFellas ... "Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut."

    Worst thing you could ever do is rat somebody out, enemy or not. I could care less what a person is, if you need to settle it you do it yourself, why should the police have to handle your mess? Do it yourself. DON'T RAT!!! Whatever you do.
  14. Depending on how the whole bust occurred, a lawyer might even be able to get the case dismissed.
  15. Fuck dude, how the hell did they search you/his/he car from only a cracked windsheild? or were they lying in the open? Blah that shit sucks, i got pulled over for sideswiping 2 cars while driving, and they brought out the dogs, shit got searched and found my bubbler and shit, but all i got was a warning for it cuz he was my dads patent, :p but damn..bastage cops, anything to bust you, and never give anynames, say "Sorry, cant do that, its against my religion" works all the time :D
  16. dont rat WTF i cant beleve i heard this on grasscity
  17. .....did fred not say it was his?

    its probably too late, but do NOT narc out your dealer. i know your scared but, man...that would be a real shitty thing to do over probably the small fine you may or may not even get.
  18. we have a saying over here, nobody likes a grass, don't narc him out, as you don't know what else the guy deals, and also that he may even deal for someone, and they're gonna be pissed at losing their product, and like shade said, people on the street allways find out.........people pay cops for that kind of info.........just recently in Glasgow 2 men were shot in the head for losing a big time dealers £80,000 worth of heroin, the police arrested them on a tip-off about them selling the dealer lost his £80,000, and with no product and a court date looming the 2 guys couldn't get the money together.........not just the £80,000 but the big dealers lost revenue as well..........taking it to like £300,000...........and they got shot, from a tip-off...............i hate heroin dealers, and junkies, but i wouldn't rat out my worst enemy, even if it meant going in!............Peace out..........Sid
  19. yeah i agree with sid. i just wouldnt rat on anybody not even if i hated them. i mean they take the risk to sell YOU illegal drugs and you pay them back by ruining their life.
  20. Edit: Oops, bad advice. don't listen to me, lying to the cops is

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