Never let emotion cloud your judgement.

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  1. you know why hitler almost got away with exterminating all the jews? becasue he was charming, he was great at public speaking and he NEVER lost his composure.

    and that is why he is one of the most intelligent person to run a country

    p.s. fuck hitler.

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  2. I don't see how the title fit the post but whatever.
    Honestly he could have exterminated 99% of them if he killed them all instead of just putting some in death camps and others in concentration camps

    p.s. I'm just stating an opinion im not anti-jew

  3. Hitler never let his emotions cloud his judgment and actions. Well early on he didn't, the end of WWII is a different story...
  4. Yeah usually sociopaths don't have a problem with that..
  5. hitler was fucked up
  6. Emotions are for women, Real men act with logic.
  7. I'll bet at least a little of it had to do with that killer 'stache. At least a little.
  8. ^^That is so ignorant. As a 'human being' you need to use both not one or the other. If you never acknowledged your emotions you wouldn't function properly... haven't you heard of emotional intelligence?

    And at the OP didn't Hitler kill himself? Seems like he let the emotions get the better of him.

  9. Calm down, don't get your panties in a bunch. It was only a joke, of course you need to use both. But some dudes really let there emotions cloud there judgement as stated by OP, instead of using logic. It makes them look like a bitch. I've come across to many to keep count it's ridiculous.
  10. Oh ok cool. :cool:

    I just feel like in America guys are taught to be emotionally repressed. And it gets under my skin when dudes try to act all emotionless and shit. But I do see where your coming from.
  11. Maybe if he would have finished off britan before taking on Russia he would have had a chance... instead he decided to fuck with both at the same time

    and thats only 1 of the reasons why he lost... he def lost his cloud free mind after he started getting power
  12. My suggestion to all the people out there in this fucked up world is not to wear your heart on your sleeve.
  13. My suggestion to all the people in the world would be not to live your lives as obstinate, unprincipled bigots. It is indeed far easier to simply ignore a people whose beliefs you disagree with than to utterly, senselessly despise them; and to act on one's such ignorantly conceived belligerence as though doing one's own people some sort of service.

    Did that make sense? Got lost in the winds of periphrasis.
  14. there's a famous quote by hitler

    "you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." fuck hitler, you smart ****a
  15. Killing himself was a pretty logical decision, considering the Russians were going to get to him before the Allies and the Russians would have tortured the fuck out of him and then brutally executed him.
  16. [quote name='"OtherWorldlyGuy"']

    And at the OP didn't Hitler kill himself? Seems like he let the emotions get the better of him.[/quote]

    Perhaps one could argue it was his lack of emotion that brought him to off himself. He knew his game was over, he saw what they did to Stalin. It was the easiest way out and is what I would have done.

    It's not like he was like "omg I hate my life so much everything sucks I want to kill myself."

    I think he was probably more like: lol I don't want all of my limbs torn off while I'm still alive so I'm going to just put a bullet through my brain instead.

    This to me appears to be a clear, logical decision not clouded by emotion.
  17. Richard Simmons once stated, "I've been going to shopping malls since I was on General Hospital."

    Your move.
  18. Why do people automatically assume that using emotions is a bad thing? The problem is that most people have low emotional intelligence and that even includes women (well a majority). Increasing emotional intelligence makes you much more aware of your emotions, how to control and use them in appropriate situations when needed. I used to be a highly emotional person when I was a adolescent (used to be a mama's boy) then changed when I started smoking weed and increased my introspection. Both hemispheres of your brain are very important and have many uses, I would post a link showing a visual comparison but I'm on a iPod at the apple store dancing like a fucking idiot haha

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