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Never had sativa.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allnaturalxx420, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Ok so i was just thinking and relised ive never had a sativa dominant strain. Ive been smoking about a year but just started smoking regulary a couple months ago. all my friends tell me how they cant think strait and shit and i relised ive never felt that. Always got indica sleepy tired couchlocked. I enjoy indica but id like to try sativa. do you just ask your dealer what type youd like, cause i just say dank?
    Also any advise on smoking sativa and what ill feel will be greatly appreciated.
  2. you probablly have smoked sativa, but just dont know it.

    ever smoked mexican schwag? its a sativa.

  3. You have, you just dont know it. Stop thinking that you are gonna be 'couchlocked' and you wont be. You are putting all the negatives on yourself.
  4. Mate, just put any bud in a vaporizer and wait. You'll experience the type of high a sativa gives you, without the sativa.
  5. Sativas are the best.

    When you sit down to relax you'll say "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN MY HEAD?!"

    And other classics like:
    "WHAT. THE. FUCK."



    I got some Matanuska Tundra a while back, and I found myself looking around every poster and picture frame in the room and imagining a Formula race was going on around the pictures...

    Yeah... I don't know either.
  6. I dont mind being couchlocked, I just hate being couch locked then passing out. plus I dont think about being couchlocked it just happens im pretty sure.
  7. Ive never smoked mexican schwag. personally ive only seen it once, I live in northern new york im a long way from the border man.

    And im positive ive smoked sativa but i think its always indica dominant. Idk maybe i have.
  8. I've smoked a stains dominant once from what I know of...juicy fruit...was a blast!

    Once I get my medical it's sativa for day indica for night :)
  9. i live in ohio (far from the border), but "reggies" or "mids" or "schwag" is still around <all mexican schwag. its the same way how other "white" substances find their way up north from the border. just because it comes from far away doesnt mean its not around.

  10. You had to have smoked a sativa at some point man. It sounds to me like your friends are over-exaggerating. Are they stoners?
  11. Mexican shwag is a grade of marijuana therefore it is not sativa rather just shit weed. As for OP I have no idea how you've smoked only Indies for that long I hate indica and it seems to be all my dealer has I'm going to blow my brains out
  12. You live on the East Coast (NY to be exact) which is where the sativa Sour D originated, as well as it's full of Hazes, and other sativa dom strains.
    Sativa is as prevalent on east coast as Indica is on West coast.
    At least, im pretty sure I'm right.

    Edit: Hazes/Diesels east, Kush's (OG's primarily) west.
    I understand there's all kinds of strains everywhere, I'm jus saying which are the most prevalent or what those areas are known for.
  13. Yea I know its around ive just never smoked it and only seen once (2 bricks in the back of my friends moms car). Worst weed i smoked was some shitty outdoor grow my friend just threw seeds he picked out of bud and grew it.
  14. indica = coming from the area of india

    sativa = wild growing plant

    ^^i know thats what indica translates to. not too sure if thats exactly what sativa translates to.

    mexican schwag is a grade of weed that is grown in mexico (or other central american countries), where they normally use landrace cannabis strains for their farms. you wont find indica (india) strains growing naturally in mexico, so they must be sativa.

    therefore mexican schwag = sativa.

    to OP ^^^oh. well, ive come to find that indicas arent as popular as probably have smoked a sativa dominant strain once.

  15. Sour diesels more prevalent in the cities im in a town of a like 400.
    It just seems my dealer always has nice fluffy indica.
  16. im gonna give my dealer a text asking if he can get me some headies. i have a quarter here so within the next couple weeks i should get it.
  17. i can show you a sativa if you want to make a road trip to ohio! ;) :D

  18. If i cant find any sativa I might have to take that offer :D
  19. Ruderalis is a wild growing plant.
    Sativa is Africa, Colombia, Peru, places like that, Indicas are Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc etc
  20. i have a feeling that nyc diesel might have originated from where you are, op

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