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Never had a tolerance?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sceaspit11, Jun 22, 2013.

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    Hello gc, im pretty curious as to why i have never had a tolerance for the entire 3 yrs ive been blazing. for the past 2 years ive smoked a minimum of 3 times a day. I used to rip my bong and gravity before they broke, and 1 good hit always got me pretty high. I now own a MFLB and a trench gets me way higher than i need to be (.1 at most, i scale it) im just curious To why most people i have heard of and smoke with need to take a good amt of rips to get there when i can get there with almost none. Because of this, whenever i sesh with friends i get SUPER blazed, and this is usually often so i have learned to act completely sober pretty well. Not sure if this matters but im pretty underweight, i always smoke good bud, and my eyes NEVER get red, (ive only had to put on eyedrops like twice in my life, once cause my friend was really fucking paranoid)

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  2. Your eye SHOULD get atleast alil red as it constricts the blood cells when you get faded, and tolerance varies from person to person but it will always been there for every toker.
  3. Sounds like you're just lucky.
  4. 3 Times a day everyday? Tolerance can reset in about 7 days of not smoking from what i've heard and experienced - just throwing it out there because 3 times a day everyday for 3 years and you never got too burnt out and stopped smokin for a bit?  Maybe you're just not human lol
  5. People with high tolerance usually smoke a shitload of schwag, and/or much more than they really needed to get high in the first place. If it takes you 2 hits to get ripped off your ass, then why the fuck would you take 5-6 more? You wont really get any higher, and you'll probably just pass out and waste the high.
    Don't smoke an entire fucking blunt by yourself if you usually get fried smoking one in a group of people.
  6. There is no such a thing as tolerance for weed, no matter what your 'homies' told you..
  7. I've pretty sure that since early April when I began the transition of smoking every day my tolerance gradually went up over time to where getting high three times a day hardly affects me so now I smoke six bowls a day. 
  8. There is a tolerance - I don't think it's what most people think though. A lot of people think that:
    - You smoke a gram 3 times a day for a year, eventually you will need more than 1 gram to get you the same high
    But I think that:
    - You smoke a gram 3 times a day  for a year you will just spend so much time high that it becomes familiar and part of your routine. You still get really high but you're so familiar with being high all the time that it feels different for you. Getting high changes your state of consciousness but if you're always high then it's not really changing your consciousness, that's just what you're used to. I don't think increasing the amount will change this and for me personally, a little break is usually the way to go.
  9. Your BMI rate can be a indicator since you said you're "underweight", I'm skinny too so I'm sorta am a lightweight. 

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