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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fox, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. High all. Now I know that there will be some loser-types trying to burst my bubble but i don't care. I just thought it was incredible luck that out of the 27 plants I have ever grown ( a miserly total, but hey ... I'm still newish to this), I have never had a male.
    Has anyone else been this lucky?
    There is a question behind this post though, and here it is:

    My current crop (7 plants) are all showing female preflowers (they are about 5 1/2 weeks old, 18cm tall) which isn't unusual but what did surprise me was the sheer number of pistils that burst from the plant. There is about 12 or so at every node on the damn things (sorry no camera for pics)
    ... If I didn't know better I'd say that little fuggers where starting to flower. Thing is, I've had them on a 18/6 light schedule (8hrs fluoro, 10hrs good spring sunlight, 8hrs total dark) since they were 'born'.

    Any ideas/comments on this? Maybe this strain is just like that ...?
  2. that's a damn good ratio, your really lucky so far.......touch wood as your next 27 maybe for the the question..........what strain is it?........some strains flower when they feel like it........some like the "lowryder" from when they sprout basically............Peace out...........Sid
  3. Sorry can't provide info on the strain as it is just some bagseed I've been growing. The last batch didn't flower until I forced them, so this is a bit of surprise. I really can't have them flowering at this stage, they'd barely be worth it.

    Hope I don't get those 27 males ...

  4. you lucky bastard...i wish i had your luck...are you sure that none of them are herms?
  5. optimal veg contiotions makes females.
  6. I suspected hermies at first too, but didn't find a single pollen sac anywhere, and I've had not a seed!

    I'm thinking of keeping a mother or at least taking a few cuttings later on to see if this plant continues to produce a high female:male ratio.

    Will post progess next year about the clones...
  7. clones will b the same sex as the mom (or dad) u took the cutting from. thats the whole point.

    it aint clones ur growing now is it?
  8. Don't know what I was thinking last night .. I know that the clones will be the same sex. Oh well, I'd just smoked a few bowls after a week without, my bad.

    The current batch have been grown from seed ... I gues it's just incredible luck so far.

  9. lol, i wanted to call you out so bad :)
  10. ... especially when stoned.

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