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never geeked out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gorilaspaceship, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. so i've been smoking for a few years now, and I have never laughed uncontrollably when high....all my friends seem to do it but I never have.
    has this happened to anyone else??
  2. its happened to me once around 4 years ago i think
  3. Rarely, but it's so funny when it does happen. I hate my laugh :p.
  4. Only a couple times when I first started smoking and got really high... I guess you've got better self-control ;)
  5. That happens to me sometimes. When my buddy got a new bong we smoked a bunch of bowls out of it, and when we went outside to go for a walk neither of us could stop laughing. We decided we were too highfor that shit, so we went back inside and hung out there. I think we only made it 200 feet from his house.
  6. Oh god do I laugh like a tool.. I went to my bud's house last night, picked up a half oz of some goooooooooooood stuff because I smoked one bowl (and I kept forgeting/being surprised that I still had more to smoke from that bowl even though it wasnt finished)
    I was laughing for so long that I'd run out of air, my stomach hurt, I had tears in my eyes.. I was goooooone.

    lol I definitely go into my own little world, I think/remember about funny shit I've seen/done and what not and that just sets me off. Everyone was havin a blast watching me baked outta my mind too XD

    Though I usually only get really giddy like that when I'm with a group of people, when I'm by myself I'm more chill :/
  7. Weed affects everyone differently man. Idk if any two people have the same high.
  8. Last time that happened to me was when a friend of a friend came over and we blazed all his smoking weed (he's a medical grower/vender). We had been in a dry spell for about 3 weeks before that, scraping pipes and smoking schwag and shit. After the first few double paper bombers got smoked down, we were all just giddy as hell. I started laughing and that set everyone else off. Must have laughed for like 5 minutes straight...
  9. actully i can recall a time when i got high then,out of nowhere,it was like reality as i knew it was falling a part,it only lasted for like 5 minutes, then i found my head.It was weird,i think it was cuz it was brick weed...probably had pesticide on it :( oh well,live and learn i guess:cool:
  10. It depends on what I'm smoking, and who I am with. I smoked some high end sativa one time and then watch Wanda Sykes: Imma Be Me. Less than ten minutes into it, my friends were fanning me with pillows, and one friend was off trying to find me her inhaler. That was the funniest hour of my life. :D
  11. i only augh uncontrollably when something hilarious happens, it just becomes 100x funnier to me haha
  12. I only geeked out the first time I smoekd pot. After that, I was just chill.
  13. Relax, and keep toking up.
  14. I'm pretty sure there was a thread about this a few days ago if you want to go look, lol.
    But yeah, it affects everyone differently, don't worry about it. B)
  15. I do because me and my friend get retarded. People know when we are together we act stupid as shit. I fell over laughing in front of some non-smoking bitch and she was like, "Is he high?"
    So obvious.


  16. only has happened to me once that I can remember
  17. i dont normally geek out but when i smoke with my best friend sometimes we can just look at each other and start geeking out randomly its always fun
  18. When I'm real baked, I act real baked.

    It can be troublesome sometimes.:smoke:
  19. I did today like 4 times. Although I was tripping on shrooms too. Sometimes it happens when I'm blazed though. Like one time I was sitting on my friends couch and his fatass cat was sitting on this chest thing infront of me and I put my foot on him thinking he'd move. He didn't. For 10 whole minutes he just sat there with my foot on him and me and my friend were laughing so hard we just couldn't even contain it. That shits therapeutic for sure.
  20. What the hell is "geeking".

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