never-ending story

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  1. you all know how this goes... each person type one line to the story - i'll start

    One night, a monkey was walking along the dark back alleys of New York.
  2. as he was walking, he received a call on his mobile phone.
  3. It was shauna his sister, she was looking to get high and needed a method.
  4. so he called up his favorite hook up to see if he had any white widow.
  5. turns out, he didnt.
  6. All he had on hand was mexican flat bud. Then he remembered...
  7. he had met a guy last week with the dangest ish.

    *note* theres a continuing story kidna like this in the humor forum, im gonna move this thread there because i assume this story will end quite humorously [​IMG]
  8. Anyway he thinks fuck my sister i'm gonna get high myself
  9. Then he went up to his stash and broke out his glass peice
  10. and packed it full of "skunk" buds.
  11. while he was toking, shauna turned up with a gorrilla and a oz of shiva
  12. Started he turns to the gorilla who is holding a huge blue bubbler. The gorrila says...
  13. pack this bull!
  14. If they can toke some weed with them
  15. Then all of a sudden he woke up and relised it was all a dream. :)

  16. Looking down he realized he soiled himself.
  17. he was on his way to the bathroom when all of a sudden he stopped and said
  18. I sure wish I'd rememered to buy toilet paper.
  19. Oh well, i'll just use this old sock ;)
  20. Then I'm goin' to go see 420girlie.

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