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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by I Got Mail, May 8, 2006.

  1. Ok, I have never grown weed before, and before I start buying everything I'd like some advice on what to buy, where to buy it, how much it is, where to hide it, ect.

    The seed I was thinking about buying is this one:

    I was wondering if it's a good seed and if the high is good if anyone has used it before.

    Then I was wondering about the equipment needed. I read almost all of the growing topics and I hear a lot about different types of lights. My growing space is quite minimal, and I'm pretty afraid of my parents catching me. My space is gonna be like the corner of my closet. I know my parents won't find it by looking in there, but i'm afraid of them noticing the smell. Even though I bet they don't know what it smells like. If you could enlighten me with some more information on what I should do please pass on the good news to me. It's either growing or dealing, cause I really need the money.
  2. seeds look pretty big is the space? or how many plants are you growing?
  3. Im in the same situation too, with rents, and actually the same thing in the corner of the closet, lol

    Ill keep ya posted with any problems I come across
  4. Alright your plants should have 1sq foot each so if you have 2plants you should have a 2ft wide x 1ft deep x 4-6ft tall.Then you need lighting.For 1 plant get a 75watt hps for 2-4 plants get a 250watt hps, for 4-8plants get a 400watt hps I dont think youll have more then 8 plants in your closet so ill stop there but if you will have more then 8 just ask..You need ventilation also. For 1-3 plants get 2 50cfm computer fans, for 4-8 get a 265cfm vortex blower.anything more then 8 get a 465-495cfm vortex blower. Then you need to do something about the smell. If you have 1-3 plants get 4 dryer sheets and put 2 on each computer fan.anything more then 3plants you should make a carbon filter.(theyre expensive so its better to make one) i can get pics how to make it if you cant find it.Lol dont get caught and have fun.:smoke:
  5. dont use skunk seeds as they will smell way to bad. and if parents are an issue this is not the way to go. i hear northern lights has very little smell.
  6. Ok, after seeing some of the info you guys gave me. I'd think about getting either of the following seeds, help me choose:

    Ok, so I'm thinking just about 1-2 plants at a time so I have just enough for me to smoke, cause I don't smoke that often, just during stress times. And how much are the fans, how do you power them, and how would you put the dryer sheets on there. More questions once I get these answers.
  7. I got mail, just so you know, if you don't already, grasscity doesn't ship seeds to the US
  8. I know, those are just the ones I was looking at getting. I know where to get seeds.
  9. Get the silver pearl ones. Northern lights grow taller . If you have the room ge any of them.:)
    You get the fans at any computer store and wire them with a cell phone charger or any other 12v charger.And you can just put the dryer sheets right over them as long as they dont hit the blades. You can put them on the inside or outside it doesnt matter its up to you.
  10. You should not grow in your parents or anyone else's house. It is not fair to them to put them at risk to go to jail for your grow (and that is exactly what you are doing). Especially since they are paying the electric bill, water bill, mortgage, and property tax for you to live there for free.

    When you get your own place you can consider growing.
  11. i just wanted to know if i could use dirt from the ground to start my plant and a couple of months ago i tried to germ some seeds and it didnt germ, could i use those seeds again:eek:
  12. :rolleyes:You just answered you own question "they didnt germinate" so why will they now'?

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