Never been so stressed before in my life

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  1. I'm a science (nutrition) major. I've come to realize i'm not as smart, nor do I CARE to be as smart as all the other science major kids. At first I really wanted to drop out and go to trade school and just work a god-damn job, but now idk. I got about 2 more years left after this so I figured i'd stick it out and get my degree...

    But right now i'm stressing like CRAZY. I'm stressing over the fact that I feel like i'm constantly at school and 8 hours from home. I'm stressing over the schoolwork I have right now and the road ahead of me which is full of chemistry and science shit. I failed chem 101. My advisor straight up told me if I can't pass chem 101 then my major is not for me.

    I'm SICKK of school. I don't care about my major AT ALL anymore. I have NO drive to get my degree other than to prove to myself that I wasn't wasting my time and money these past 2 years, which truthfully I was.

    I was forced to go to college from the get-go by my parents with no idea of what I wanted to do. I majored in nutrition becasue that was an interest at the time and I needed to pick a major since I was 2 years in... but deep down I rather work with my hands.

    All of this is making me really anxious and depressed and irritable. I'm not having fun at all except a little on weekends when I drink. My mind races with thoughts of all this so even my downtime is stressfull. I wake up every morning around 6-7am with chest pains and soaked in sweat. This morning I literally had to change my pj's and sleep on the other side of the bed because of the sweat ( and yes it's sweat)

    I feel like a failure. Like I can't handle my shit. I want out but I'm afraid of what my familly will think. My cousin dropped out for the same exact reasons and my whole familly sorta bashed him about it when he wasn't around, including me...

    But I have to do something. This is not healthy. I am not happy. I'm not gonna lie though this whole time i've been telling my parents everythings cool. My dad worries too much about me I didn't wanna stress him out.
  2. Fuck what people think, you said it yourself, you are not happy. So change it man, drop out and live like a bum if that's what makes you happy, or stay in college and get your degree if that's what makes you happy. Follow your heart man, it NEVER lies. YOU know what YOU want, fuck what others want FROM you..ya dig?:smoke:
  3. See that's what i'm sayin though, I don't wanna live like a bum but I shouldn't have to stress this there no other way?

    I know it'd be easier if I gave a shat about my major but the fact that I don't and that chemestry doesn't come naturally to me sucks ass...
  4. Smoke weed everyday!
  5. ^I think that's part of what got me into this hole
  6. Unfortunately, your options are looking like, (A) drop out and be a bum, (B) drop out and move back home, get a minimum wage job, maybe start cultivating/distributing weed for extra money or somethin, or (C) stay in school, get your degree, and get a good paying job in the industry you majored in..It sucks but really man I see those as your 3 options, unless you have some more personal insight.
  7. There are lots of profitable things you can do working with your hands. Like boilermaker, plumber, electrician...
  8. Friend, I can empathize with you. tokinbud420 is right, you just gotta do what makes you happy and what feels right.

    I've had a lot of big aspirations that ended up weighing too heavily on me. I don't even know if what I'm pursuing is for me either. I want to be a veterinary surgeon, but after going through anxiety similar to this for several months, I decided to step it down a notch and start with becoming a vet tech. And I will remain a vet tech until I know if I'm ready to handle being a surgeon.

    You should pursue something that you love, something that makes you happy, but go ahead and start small if you wish! It doesn't matter if you know that you have an awesome capacity for absorbing & using knowledge; even the most geniusy of geniuses must listen to their hearts rather than their brains at first.

    With the job market the way it is, you'll be alright if you choose to do this. We're all going to have to work our way up to the salaries we want regardless of what sort of degrees we get & how quickly we get them; nobody is just going to college, completing their classes and jumping right into awesomely paying jobs these days. Hell, you don't even have go to back to school right away if you think you'd rather just take a break from it. As long as you can find a way to support yourself in a manner you find appropriate, and you're happy, that's all that really matters.
  9. There are plenty of jobs available for a Food/Nutrition major that don't require any knowledge of science or chemistry. Just get through the courses and do what you have to do to get your degree. It's pointless to stop after 2 years, so you really only have one option.

    If studying is becoming a problem, consider going for an ADD screening. You probably don't have ADD, but the meds will help you get through your classes. You can get past the studying man, don't drop out because college is too hard - it'll be a HUGE regret.
  10. All might not be lost. You have two years of schooling all ready under your belt so I'm assuming you are going for a Bachelor's. I know you said you like to work with your hands so see if there is major that will let you do that and see how many of your credit hours would tranfer.

    There are many good/great jobs out there that can be had with an Associate's Degree too. You have 2 years completed. Another alternative is to find an Associate program and you might only have to take a few more credit hours to get a degree.

    In a nutshell, Associate degree maybe a couple more quarters/semesters or 2 more years for a Bachelor's.

    At some point, you have to realize that you are living life for yourself and no one else. You decide what it is you want to do. Not parents!! Sure, that is easy for me to say because I'm not in your position but your parents will love you regardless although they might not be happy with your decision at first. I think what they ultimately want is for you to get a degree in something.

    Take care of you and don't "bullied" into something.
  11. If you like to work with your hands, decide what exactly it is you want to do! Then major in the business management of that or a related general business major! Drop Chemistry, if it is not natural to you! It is a tuff degree. You don't need to be so tuff on yourself. Get a simple degree you can live with that interests you! Even horticulture/agriculture! You will not regret it! When you are 60 and your physical body starts to fail you, you can be 'management.'

    The decision is yours. As, already said, take a break, if that is what you need. Take off the middle of the year and start again next Fall! You do not have to answer to anyone, except yourself. And someday, perhaps your children. No-one will love you any less.

    Often we are much harder on ourselves with what we 'think' others expect. The first one you must be kind to is "Yourself!" :love:
  12. You could be a prostitute
  13. From personal experience, what your counselor said is true. Chemistry gets crazy complicated past Chem 101. Like you said, it sounds like your major is just not for you.

    Honestly, the best option is to talk to your parents. Be open and honest with them, and tell them how you feel. Your parents want the best for you. They're not going to punish you or make fun of you. College is a complicated time in a lot of people's lives, and changing majors is incredibly common. Who knows, your parents might know another option you haven't even thought of.
  14. listen kid, no one likes school... but we all put up with it... its life... man up and grow up if you dont wanna end up like a bum... nothing comes easy in life... i personally think you should stay in school
  15. sounds like OP cant handle adult life
  16. Besides changing your major, perhaps you are a bit homesick! Try a college closer to home!
  17. This is totally not adult life. My name is underneath micky mouse on my door, next to my roomate goofy. I rather just work than have to go through any more academic crap.

    I love everything else about it; being on my own and having to take care of my own shit. I'm just tired of the learning part...i'm ready to start working already....
  18. In my experience, Inorganic chemistry was much worse than adult life.:p
  19. I totally agree with Red! Save me from the chemistry courses!

    Hon, you said you picked nutrition because it was your interest at the time, why did that change? :confused:

    Perhaps you need your interest inspired again?

    Chew on this! :rolleyes: Omega 3 is necessary for the proper creation of CB 1 (and likely the GRP series and CB 2) receptors. CB 1 receptors are the ones that get you high! :smoke: Here is the abstract that set me off on this vein of exploration (and a translation for the non-nerds ;) )

    “Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions.”
    Unbound MEDLINE | Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions. PubMed Journal article abstract

    The corollaries of the obesity epidemic that plagues developed societies are malnutrition and resulting biochemical imbalances. Low levels of essential n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs) have been linked to neuropsychiatric diseases, but the underlying synaptic alterations are mostly unknown. We found that lifelong n-3 PUFAs dietary insufficiency specifically ablates long-term synaptic depression mediated by endocannabinoids in the prelimbic prefrontal cortex and accumbens. In n-3-deficient mice, presynaptic cannabinoid CB(1) receptors (CB(1)Rs) normally responding to endocannabinoids were uncoupled from their effector G(i/o) proteins. Finally, the dietary-induced reduction of CB(1)R functions in mood-controlling structures was associated with impaired emotional behavior. These findings identify a plausible synaptic substrate for the behavioral alterations caused by the n-3 PUFAs deficiency that is often observed in western diets.

    Granny's translation – “The US diet sucks big time and we are fat, undernourished, and crazy because of it. We get WAY too much Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3. Not getting enough Omega 3 can make you crazy because without it, the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in your brain aren't made right- a chunk that is supposed to be attached, isn't! Broken receptors give you “impaired emotional behavior”. So we think it's the low Omega 3 diet is making the US totally nuts!” :eek:

    The American diet is VERY low in Omega 3. :( And the CB1 receptors, besides keeping your head on straight, also fight cancer and many other conditions!

    The endocannabinoid system is the future of medicine! And nutrition plays a BIG part in keeping it running properly! :hello:

    Go over to Pubmed and run a few searches! You'll see what I mean!

    But hon, if you can't get re-inspired, you are doing the wrong thing! You like working with your hands and had an interest (once) in nutrition? Become a chef with a background in nutrition! :D Look up "nutraceuticals". There will soon be a demand for gourmet, healthy food! ;) (Science meets "Iron Chef"- lol)

    Unless you are happy with what you do, it taints your life! My job is low-paying, but I LOVE it! I go to work smiling every day! Special Ed/ Resource is a high stress job, but I don't "burn out".

    Between my job, my activism (including GC), genealogy and my family- my life is filled with joy!:yay:

    Is my life perfect? :D

    Hell NO! Shit happens, no matter what! :mad: And yes, I have had some pretty shitty things happen, but that's life. :cool: But over all, my life is good because I do what I enjoy! :yay:

    Find what you LOVE! Chase your passion! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  20. I'm kinda in the same boat except its my first year and I can't even pick a major and Im sick of all this school shit so I am dropping out and I'm goin to trawyde school probly gonna learn HVAC or something. This is how I see it: some people hate work but they like school so they go to college so they can get a job where they sit at a desk all day, other people like myself hate school but actually don't mind working. And I really don't care that much about money so I'm dropping out

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