Nevada Voters to Consider Marijuana Legalization

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  1. By Rene Sanchez
    Source: Washington Post

    Nevada thrives on gambling, winks at brothels and gave the world the drive-through wedding. It could soon add another wrinkle to its anything-goes reputation by letting adults smoke marijuana just because they feel like it.
    State officials announced a few days ago that a petition drive had succeeded in putting a measure legalizing limited amounts of the drug on the ballot in the fall. Nevada is one of eight western states that recently decriminalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, but the new proposal is a bigger step.

    If voters approve the proposal, adults in the state would be allowed to possess up to three ounces of marijuana without risk of criminal charges or fines. Marijuana also would be sold and taxed in stores licensed by the state. Smoking the drug would remain illegal in public places or while driving.

    The Marijuana Policy Project, a national nonprofit organization backing the campaign, said no other state has such a law. Bruce Mirken, a spokesman for the group, called the petition drive (it netted 75,000 valid voter signatures) a sign of how public attitudes about marijuana are changing.

    "Putting people in jail for it makes no sense," he said.

    But law enforcement groups are preparing to fight the measure, and even if it passes, Nevada could have a hard time adopting it because federal law bans marijuana possession.

    Until recently, Nevada had one of the nation's toughest marijuana laws. Anyone caught with any amount of the drug faced the possibility of felony charges and jail time. But state lawmakers decided last year that anyone caught with an ounce or less could be charged only with a misdemeanor and fined.

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    Source: Washington Post (DC)
    Author: Rene Sanchez
    Published: Sunday, July 14, 2002; Page A02
    Copyright: 2002 The Washington Post Company

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  2. oohhh shit yea!! First navadad then it will spread and soon america will be on herb!!:)
  3. Bud, I am sorry to say that regardless of what the Nevada voters WANT, and APPROVE by VOTE, the Federal Government of the US will never back off. That is of course, unless the people stand up in unison and DEMAND that they get back in LINE, and adhere to the tenaments of the Constitution, which by the way explicitly states that the FEDERAL government has no authority over the STATEs, except for those authorities already spoken to in the Constitution.

    The problem is that people are inclined to believe whatever the paper, the television news, or their neighbor TELLS them is the truth, and right. People in this country have lost/are losing their ability to THINK FOR THEIR MF SELVES. Can you tell this bothers me, lol?

    What needs to happen is for ALL the states that have passed MED-MJ acts, or have chosen to DECRIM it need to join together. California, Nevada, Arizona (I think, havent' checked up on all the states lately), Washington D.C., et. all need to form an alliance in which they help each other combat the Feds. when it comes to an ACT that the PEOPLE of that STATE have VOTED to inact.

    Okay.... that is my rant..... still looking for that ONE group that I can join with in my personal effort to fight PROHIBITION within the USA. If all else fails.... I might become a neighbor of some of our "CITY" buddies around here..... and to think, I USE to be a CONSERVITIVE (LOL).

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