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  1. This is for everyone that has Netflix and takes advantage of the instant watch feature. I admit that most of the movies on the instant watch thing are shit, but there are many keepers that I have found. Some of them are B-movies where their shitty production make them so hilarious, some of them are older and underrated, and some of them are old scifi movies with cheesy special effects that are just so fucking awesome!

    I want to know any good ones you have found that are worth watching.

    Here is my list:

    The Fifth Element
    The Stoned Age (B-movie about partying teenagers in the 70s that has little to do with weed. Some of the lines are fucking golden.)
    THX 1138 (George Lucas's first movie. Intense, inspiring visuals about a utopian society. Similar to the Island but much deeper. Not much dialogue.)
    Cashback (Funny British movie about a guy that can stop time in a grocery store. Lotsa boobies.)
    Logan's Run (Awesome looking cheesy 70s scifi)
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Where The Buffalo Roam (Awesome movie about Hunter S. Thompson. If Fear and Loathing is an acid trip, Buffalo is a huge bong hit.)
    Tommy (Rockumentary based on the Who's Tommy album)
    Soylent Green
    Silent Running
    Groundhog Day
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  2. Bump! There has got to be someone who uses Netflix Instant Watch.
  3. I got rid of my Netflix when I started downloading more movies than I was getting in the mail
  4. I have NetFlix. You're right about the Instant Watch feature. Crap movies for sure. Although, there are some good movies on it. Some of which you already pointed out.
  5. they suposed to be setting this up on xbox live soon if they haven't already
  6. Yeah, I have Netflix and I've watched most of those... I'm thinking about getting rid of Netflix though now that I've found sites like
  7. I have had netflix for a long time and i love that watch instantly feature. There is a lot of shit but there are also lots of good documentaries on there that i would have never known about without browsing through their collection. There are lots of good ones on Darfur and things like that. I saw a good one on John Lennon the other day and i see there is one on pink floyd but i havent watched it yet.

    An Evening with Kevin Smith is good if you are a kevin smith fan. There is also some old Hitchock movies.

    But i mainly like the watch instantly feature because it allows me to watch the movies that i wouldnt otherwise watch if i had to pay for them or wait for them to download. Like all of those rediculous B movies and random stuff that i have never heard of.
  8. I think in late fall they're going to do another update or something?

  9. Exactly! I highly recommend The Stoned Age for this type of movie experience! :hello:

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