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  1. The title says it all, but remember: It has to be on Netflix Instant.
  2. Death note, one hell of an anime

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    Try the anime thread otherwise you'll just have Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo rec'd a dozen times. If you can watch on your PC, there are many free and better alternatives than Netflix but if that is your only option your choices are pretty limited. As far as I know Monster is the only subbed show they have on instant. It's also the best show they have available. Also check out Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Darker than Black. If they are dubbed, I would hold off until you can watch it elsewhere subbed. I personally, won't watch anything dubbed. It ruins the show for me, even if you can tolerate it, I would try to watch the 2 mentioned above subbed but check them out regardless. If you could list the shows available it would be helpful since I don't know what's in the library. If they have Stein's;Gate, check it out too.

    Heres some info on them.

    If you're wanting to get into anime or expand on your current taste there are many better options. You can stream on a device that has flash but if you can download/torrent do so, this will allow you to get both the best subs and best quality, 720p uploads are available immediately after airing and are subbed within hours to a day. If you're interested in downloading, shoot me a pm and I'll give you the 101. It's a lot of fun watching series as they air, seeing an episode and discussing it in wait for next week's episode or having a new episode for different shows to watch everyday is an experience in it's own. It's not something you can get with something like Netflix.

    If you decide to watch anime outside of netflix I can give you much better recommendations with your genre preference in mind or great shows in general.
  4. I prefer to watch them dubbed and through Netflix instant so I can watch it on my tv. I hate watching things on my computer
  5. That's fine. My recommendations still stand, there are dubs of them. Monster is subbed but it's a masterpiece and a must see, you should watch it even if you dislike subs. What are you watching Netflix on? If you have a PS3 you can watch anime through the browser.
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    The dude smokes "Mushi Tobacco" in order to see mystical creatures. He travels around solving problems between these mystical creatures and humans.

    Does this not look like a joint?

    Here is the first episode, or you can watch it on Netflix.

  7. Mushishi is great, xxxholic is on instant and is rly good, it has seasons not on netflix or dubbed too.
  8. None... o_o

    All english dubs make me want to lul when I watch them because they're just so damned cheesy and usually so badly translated.

    I guess if you can handle that crap though, all the power to ya :p
  9. Obviously he can that's why he asked. Everyone knows subs are better, who cares. I watch dubs all the time on netflix out of ease. It's mostly shows you've already seen anyways.
  10. I'll give xxxholic a go.:D
  11. It's so good baked, its got a lot of psychology and mokona kicks ass

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