nervous as hell... maybe you guys have advice

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  1. well this kind of a weird story. before reading please realize YES im in highschool and to some of you it may come off as highschool drama but this is really big to me. and yes.. im 18 its possibleto be 18 and a senior. ill be 19 in may. well anyways heres the story:

    friday ngiht i went to this party with a bunch of people i dont know or like. it was this girls sweet 16. i was one of the oldest kids there. there was like 6 of us. anyways i asked her to prom. prom wasnt a big deal to me till all this happened. shes a very pritty girl with a very outgoing personality. i can honestly say im falling for her.

    saturday night i was drinking with my dad. he gave me a few beers and i had about a half a handel of captain morgans. i was shitfaced needless to say (and i wanna apologize for my pointless posts sat night) and she had signed onto AIM. well im a very emotional drunk. i get all aulky and its not a pritty sight. i dont remeber half of what i said to her but i asked her to the movies for next weekend (only cuz i copied the IM into an html file. dont ask how i did it trashed im still trying to figure it out). now im sure most of you have been drunk before. well i wrote a sappy emotional letter to myself. i found it yesterday morning adn panicked cuz i had known i had talked to her. well i dont think i said anything to bad but ill also hit on anything with legs that walks when im like that.

    sunday i was nervous all day about what i said. and after talking to her i dont think i said anything terribly offensive. but i was kept all day in suspense as to what will happen today. its monday morning and my first class starts in an hour. i see her in my second class. im soo friken nervous about this and i dont know why either.

    how should i go about handeling all of this? my romantic life sucks. i havent had a girl in a while because i was so hurt over the last one. but this feels different it feels something different now...

    i mean im soo nervouse/ helpess feeling and i dont wanna screw this up. i really need adivce because i suck at all this. and i posted this becasue this forum IS my moral support with everything. sometimes people in the real world dont see things the same way as you guys do.

    thanks for any help you can give!
  2. you sayin your "Romantic life" and Kickin the door wavin the .44 in your sig just dont go together ;)

    jk I think your overthinking it
  3. according to your forum join date youre saying you were 16 when you joined the city. thats wrong dude. didnt you read the rules?:mad: lol!

    (What matters is how old he is now. *RMJL)
  4. you're eighteen now and I haven't seen too many bad posts so I see no reason to burn you over that now . . .

    ANYWAYS, I kinda know what you mean. I didn't have a strong crush in high school but once I got going in college I fell for this girl right around my second year (i'm a late bloomer I guess ...). Afterwards I was pretty hurt cuz she didn't really want to get involved with a guy that seemed to her was too good of a friendship to risk. We're still friends, but I have to say it's weird for me sometimes when she brings by whoever she's dating. Ah well. So for two years I didn't go out with anyone and finally I got up the balls to ask another girl who I was somewhat interested in at first about a year back (we broke up about a month or so ago . . . maybe a little longer).

    When I made it the point to ask her to a movie or dinner, that morning I smoked quite a bit of ganja to make sure I was as mellow as I could be, but no amount of inebriation on alcohol or ganja could get rid of THAT kind of edge, because when I realized I liked her I put alot more emphasis on our friendship, like it was some sort of build up. I realize now that if I hadn't put so much emphasis on how important everything in our relationship was, I probably would still be in the relationship now. Ah well, that's life I suppose.

    Best advice I can give you (though by now you've well and seen her already) is not to put too much emphasis on something like this. I hope you realize that relationships started early in life, while they indeed have a good chance of working out, usually don't because you're still at a point in your life where you're deciding who you are and where you want to be later on. When you're in a relationship or falling for somebody pretty heavily, it seems to me that the natural tendency is to put everything in your life in second place next to the relationship.

    It's been a long standing debate throughout history as to which is more important: Love or Life? Because oftentimes, the two can be the same thing if you choose to devote everything that you are to another person. Relationships work out well though if you're a well rounded person that can continue to contribute to your partner's life and not become just stagnant, it takes alot of love to be able to take a stagnant relationship in my opinion, and can only be undertaken by people who have either strong commitments to the relationship (in true love) or simply have been in the relationship too long to imagine their life without it (which can also be true love, depending).

    BUT, if you're worried about whether or not you wrote something stupid or overly amarous on im, then I would simply approach her and apologize if you said anything a little overly dramatic or stupid online the last time you chated because you were severely inebriated and unable to tell what you were doing (if she's mature enough or forgiving enough, or likes you enough, she'll understand). If you did something SEVERELY stupid and she makes light of it, then simply chalk it up as a loss my friend. Life goes on, and of course, there's always ganja and good friends to keep you company while you wait for that next "one" to turn up.

    The best thing I can say about waiting for the next one is usually the chances are better that you're not going to fuck it up.
  5. yeah i was 16 when i joined... i also posted once a year.... about stupid shit like "how do you inhale"

    and i didnt make it announced when i was too young.
  6. thanks infiniteawsome... +rep for sure.

    but yeah i didnt say anything to bad. auctually i think i made myself look better then i really am. well unlike past expierences ive always been unsure of what i was doing. im very sure i know what im doing now and i think its for the better. ive honestly never been this nervous around a girl before.

    thanks man i apppricate that

    edit: fuckign crap i didnt mean to do that... i meant that to be positive... and i never clicked the right bubble... sorry haha
  7. She agreed to go to the movies with you, yeah?
    that means whatever you're doing, you're doing it right. Just don't let nervousness cause you to mung things up. So just keep following the path you're on, giving her maybe a touch more attention. Aknowlege, at least tacitly, that you like her and you're interested in her. Just stay friendly and you'll be golden.
  8. yeah she seemed to want to go out with you when you were drunk so drink some more and quit worrying about it ;)
  9. perfect cuz thats how its going right now

    lol and i think i will have a drink
  10. I donno dude but I'm of the belief that when you find the right one you don't have any feelings of worry or embarassment

    You're just content being yourself good bad and weird around 'em
  11. Obviousely you got worked up for no reason.

    Next time just try to keep your ass off aim or away from a phone when you're drunk. If you really feel that you're going to mess yourself up in some way with those things then you need to just go watch TV or play video games for the night instead of talking to people.

    That's cool that you snagged another date with her though. GL with that whole..girl thing.
  12. see.. i dont think like that when im drunk.. i just think "boobies" or "pussy" not the after effects. its the part about being shitfaced i dont like.

    edit: the nervousness has pritty much setteled for now. maybe im overthinking this like most of you said
  13. dude u need to just chill the fuck out...if u said anything offensive/embarrassing just tell her "i was completely shitfaced i didnt know what i was doing" its a pretty legit excuse and anyways shes probably into you so just play it smooth and take it slow
  14. go smoke a blunt and be like i really like you..blah blah all that gushy night i was roughly on 5 mg of xanax and real drunk and i talk to me ex and my god i almost got hooked back up with her and no that not a good thing
  15. ive learned that xanax and weed dont mix well AT all...

    and just a lil update: :)

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