Neil Young anyone?

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  1. fuck yeah it is! neil young's the shit, i have a few of his albums on vynal, it's sweet. you should also check out Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young if you haven't already
  2. Fuck yes, I absolutely love Neil Young! I grew up listening to him and just haven't stopped ever liking him. My favourite songs are Mr. Soul, Down By the River, Helpless, Walk On, Cortez the Killer, and, of course, Ohio.

    CSNY are super awesome favourite song is Wooden Ships, for sure.
  3. Neil is cool. It's cool watching him throughout different stages of his career.

    Now he's an Old Man....

    Look at my life..
  4. Forever in Blue-jeans FTW
  5. Cowgirl in the Sand is my favorite. :D
  6. Old Man & Needle and the Damage Done
  7. Neil Young is great.
  8. he's the best Harvest and Live at Massay Hall 72 are my favorite cd's, he is amazing, i cant stop listening to him
  9. Freshman year of college, we always partied at the same place. You'd go over to the kid's computer and you could access anyone's iTunes because you're all on the same network. So anyway, me and my buddy are real classic rock fiends, and we bristle at all the rap people are playing.

    We had a running joke that when it was our turn to pick the song, we should put on "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young because it's so sad and plaintive that it would instantly ruin the good vibes. We'd just go, "Raging party? 'Heart of Gold'..."
  10. Neil Young is the man. My favorites by him are Down by the River, Cortez the Killer, Only Love Can Break Your Heart and Needle and the Damage Done. If you like Neil Young check out Buffalo Springfield or Stills-Young Band, he was in both.
  11. needle and the damage done is a great song

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