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Neighbors not feeding dog

Discussion in 'Pets' started by RidersOnDaStorm, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. I'm fuckin sick of my neighbors behind us that does not put any effort into taking care of their dog. It's 2 years old and through out it's first winter he didn't have a house for him and throughout most of the summer. I would see him licking the icicles off of the house, the snow on the ground, he would wine and bark every day and every time someone came out of the house, he would walk back and forth holding his dish hoping to get feed, sometimes he would eat his own feces and you can easily see his ribs.
    We've been trying our best to give him lefted over food and when ever I can I'd buy a bag of dog food for him, the most we can do is give him some water. We tried calling the animal shelter asking if they know what to do but unfortunately they will not accept any animals off of the Navajo Reservation (Farmington, NM). And also tried calling the Navajo Housing Authority reporting the neighbors but nothing is ever done through them. He wangs his tail and will be looking towards us when we're working outside.
    I will be buying some food for the little guy when I get my refund back on my debit instead of getting a sack of bud. Any suggestions on who I should contact and report these neighbors and what food I should get to put weight back on him?

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  2. Isn't animal abuse a crime? You might call the cops and see what they say
  3. Calling the cops on the guy honestly would do the dog some justice. Thats just sick to do that to an innocent animal, but kudos to you. I find the best food for bulking up neglected, starving animals is some of the no name brands. They get a bad rap because it isnt quality. But it works the same as junk food for humans. People get fat off of ramen noodles and kraft dinner(cheap, eww.) and stay healthy off organics and shit.

    So go buy a bag of some cheaper food, itll go a little further too. And thank you so much for doing that poor dog some good.
  4. Call the ASPCA or the humane society. The owners could be arrested for animal abuse.
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    Local authorities can't do anything for the most part on an Indian preserve. I had a conversation with a health inspector before that was tasked to inspect resturants on one and he said all he could do was make recommendations they didn't have to actually listen to him though and rarely did. Like he said he already called a shelter and I am pretty sure unless the reservation has its own version of animal control or animal protection people there is not much you can do. Depending on how brave you are and how mean that dog might be after being mistreated that badly you can always go night ops or waittill they leavethe house with some bolt cutters and try to free it. Would be better off feral than locked up starving like that. If it just wants to bite your face off when you try to approach nor much you can do and it would be unsafe for everyone if it was let loose. Better to be put out of its misery than let loose where it might hurt a random kid.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk 2

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