Neighbors fuck loud?

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  1. My neighbors upstairs fucked all the time and they were so loud. I would lay back at night and listen while pleasuring myself bc it was a huge turn on to hear someone moan. They're lesbians so I'd hear the bed shifting from the use of a strap-on I think? Or unless they were grinding very hard together...super hot! They moved which sucks bc now there's an old man upstairs who snores like a grizzly :(.

    Who else masturbates when they hear others getting it on?
  2. I like your sig...

  3. Thanks :)
  4. Not really. But me and old lady found out that 1 of our old neighbors' housemate would sit on the back porch and watch us have sex through binoculars because our room had no blinds or curtains. We thought it was funny.
  5. you should join them, then return with that story.
  6. My ex roommates would fuck loudly very early in the morning or very late at night. I got really pissed every time since the wall between our rooms was essentially a sheet of paper.
  7. I used to live next door to a woman who would have very loud sex with a couple of her different guy friends. The thing that I felt bad about was that she had two little boys about 8 and 10. It must've sucked to have to live in the same house as your mom who screams things that would make a crack whore blush. How embarrassing.
  8. yeah you definitely should have joined in on that when you had the chance.. =(

  9. they moved!
  10. Sounds like an intro to a Brazzers porn.
  11. Hearing other people have sex grosses me out and completely turns me off. I remember once, I could hear my boyfriend's brother and his slut fucking and ughhh was really off putting.
  12. i fuck loud.
    and i don't mind if you don't
  13. My friends and I partied hardcore in his apartment everynight for a good 3 months, im talking like 1-3 dozen people in a 2 bedroom apartment all summer making all kinds of noise and we never got any complaints. I couldn't understand why their neighbors didn't get pissed at us. I got my answer one night as I was walking to the front door and it sounded like someone being murdered in the next door apartment, I ran inside my friends place and said dude some bitch Is getting killt next door and he's like nah they fuck like animals hardcore everynight :D
  14. Did the same thing a couple times last year. Then, I met this girl, and we would hang out in my room and when we hear then fucking, we'd start fucking (we're both pretty loud), so that they could hear us next door. The first time I saw my neighbor out in the hallway after we did this a few times, she was so embarrassed, and was trying not to show it.

    EDIT: This slightly fulfills my fantasy of fucking someone in the same bed/room as another couple fucking.

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