neighbors friends or this people that live near you?

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  1. I will spare the long story. Would like to say I have always been a good neighbor the type that keeps.his lawn looks.out for others has the neighborhood over fro drinks or a bbq well I live in a small community now more then 20 My mother lives several doors down and had a bit of a toss with another neighbor

    Now these people at kimd of druggies they do speed and have an element around that is well seedy at best I went to speak to the man and women after the women had said some fairly insulting things to my mom

    Tried to be be a grown up I know How it is tempers flair people say Things cause they are fighting but these are the first people I have egress come across who where for lack of a better word shity human beings

    The golden rule apply's I know it does but I don't wany my mother living woth these hostile people amd I refuse to call police. So the advice I'm seeking is do I treat though I don't like them or do I keep attempting to mend fences thanks a bunch any advice thoughts or comments
  2. If your not going to call the police you kinda have to mend fences.

    I wouldnt fuck around with people on speed/meth/crack, if there on a binge and they have nothing to do they come up with tweaker projects, and if you piss them off there tweaker projects revolve around fucking you up. but thats just a possibility.

    Next time they lash out at you or your mother the best chance is to call the police and hope they get in trouble for all the drugs there doing, i mean its your niebhorhood man you gotta keep that shit clean.
  3. Your right that's what the wife said she is a.police officer but I am the un-official neighborhood guy others have complained about there music and there homes appearance and the behaviors they have noticed. So yea Next time someone complains I guess I'm gonna have to be that guy who calls the cops.With meth users its a mixed bag I Suppose there will not be much talking to them
  4. Plant a small marijuana plant in their back yard at night. Next morning, popo, perhaps they would come back with a warrant and find some crack pipes and crystals or something
  5. anonymous tip to the police...say you have seen them walking your neighborhood asking kids if they wanted to come inside and try/buy some speed.

    once they see cops patrolling your neighborhood a little more than usual they might calm down.
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    Yes, because they had an argument with his mother the next logical step is try to nail them on drug charges. Two wrongs don't make a right, it's pretty simple.

    They did nothing but be rude from what we know of the situation, I can't believe the people trying to get them nailed on drug charges.

    I'm also willing to bet the OP hasn't seem them use, so it's only his perception that they're users.
  7. i was just jokin i would never rat someone trust
  8. I have not seen them using, buying selling or possessing narcotics. It's simpley an observation of behavior. As the situation stands the people have only been rude and fairly pour neighbors not a crime to rude

    They do however show some pretty big tells for drug use again that's none of my business. The traffic and sometimes sketchy element associated with there drug use that effect me.

    I would simply like a change on there public behavior and an improvement in the appearance of there home and yard
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    Don't take me wrong man, I agree wholeheartedly with you and your approach. I just couldn't believe what others were suggesting.

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