Neighbors are the Shit.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I come home from work late. Long ass day. Tired and all. I crack a few beers, watching some stand-up comedy, waiting to smoke a bowl.

    I'm sitting there just thinking how hungry I am, but I can't eat when I serve all day long. When, the door-bell rings.

    I live next to a retired chef. Him and his wife are in their late 60's. Really chill old couple. I usually blast Bob Marley or Sublime and they never say a word. Always happy and willing to chat. Well tonight he cooked 2 extra steaks and decides to drop the extras off with me, including some awesome stuffed, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. Soooooooooooooooooo good. :smoke:

    I'm gonna go smoke a bowl and finish the rest.

    He's always cool with me, because in my restaurant I'm always giving them free food. :hello:
  2. Good story man. Hopefully when I have my own place my neighbours will be just as cool.

    I'm giving you some long deserved +Rep.
  3. Bitchin, way to go brother!
  4. Good shit homie, I hate most my neighbors.

    To the right to me hes a crook, "Lawnmower *Blank*' Is his name. He steals lawnmowers/jips people out of lawnmowers and sell em from his yard for a nice amount of profit. Barley does any work, New filter, Throw some starter fluid on it and sells em. Fuckin crook.

    Front of me, If i come outside they shut they door, They like scared of me, Most of em is.

    Left of me is a real ol dude and i help him out and he trusts and likes me, I wouldnt fuck with him.

    A few houses away is the corner and its my homies folks house so they cool but they rest of the block can fuck off.

    I blare music and fuckin rap on shit blaring and chill on the porch smokin a blunt cuz fuck them.
  5. Well, these guys are a step-up from my last neighbors.

    When I was living in the desert, the house behind me was the place for a pedophile. He raped a 5-year-old girl. Sick bastard.
  6. Gotta love old people. They seem chill with just about anyone. You also gotta love stoners who work at restaurants!
  7. Damn, all my neighbor ever gave me was some Banana-Nut Bread.

  8. Thats disgusting.
    I assume he got caught?

    Edit: its a good thing he got caught, but that girl is still scarred for life.
  9. Yep, and arrested, jailed for a very long time.

    I always knew those dudes were trouble. They constantly robbed other homes around them. But, to do that to such a little girl. That's so nasty.
  10. Well i hear ya.

    Behind me they cook meth/crack, I can smell it.

    Next door is a pill popper/seller. A few houses away from him is a pill seller and a couple houses away from that house sells the herb.

    A couple houses away the other way from me sells weed/coke/crack/x/speed/shrooms/pills and prolly more i dont know of.
  11. Make sure you give something back sooner or later ;)
  12. I do. :)

    Usually its free dinner and dessert at my restaurant. They love it. :D

    They came in today with their grand-children. I fed them on-the-house. So, I'm assuming that's why they're feeding me now.

    I mean, the food we serve at my place is good. But, once you work there 6 days, for 12 hours a day. You don't really want to eat that food.
  13. haha thats tight homie.
  14. Fuckin sweet dude. I just found out one of my cousin smokes, and I went over there, chatted with him about life and broke my 31 day t break by smoking a nice blunt with him. Time to go make some waffles haha :)

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