Neighbor just saw me toke

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  1. I was just smoking a joint on my porch and as im hitting the roach i look over and this fat ass lady was watching me toke threw her windows.. Right as i looked she shoke her head at me and turned of all her lights in the house. My parents talk to her mabey like once a month. What you think are chances of her telling my parents?
  2. Do you look underage? How old are you? The lady might think your still in school and more likey to tell
  3. idk i say fuck her. wat she gonna do

    not literally fuck her...unless you think it'd help
  4. you were smoking a hand rolled cigarette? she saw you from her window, its not like she could smell that it was bud.
  5. I don't understand why people hid from there parents, they'll find out one day and no matter how strict they are there going to accept your lifestyle. Most people on here always asking to sneak around your parents and shit and yet there is like no good threads to show people how to confront them. Just have to talk to them calmly. You'll feel better and you won't have to hid it anymore. I don't know if that made any sense cause im baked but.. seems good. :smoke:
  6. "No ma'am, I was smoking a cigarette."
    "Yes, a hand rolled cigarette with tobacco."

    Deny everything, and don't bring up the subject with her or your parents.

  7. Dude my parents know and if i get caught again my dad's gona kick me out.

  8. It was a shitty joint, she saw me hit the roach with tweezers.

  9. Well..Some parents aren't as tolerable as yours might of been, some parents might kick your ass out of the house if they know about your smoking habits.
  10. Your parents are not all parents.

    When I was a kid I knew plenty of kids who were kicked out of the house to live on the street when the parents they found out they smoked. I know kids whose parents had them arrested for smoking pot. Later in life I knew a guy whose parents petitioned the court for custody of the grandkids because of his pot use. Today I've lost touch with most of these folks but I still know a couple of people who no longer have any relationship with their parents because of disagreements about their lifestyle.

    I agree, it feels better to be honest. But some people are NOT accepting.

    People do NOT always accept the lifestyles of their children.
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    In an ideal world, yeah, honesty is the best solution. Unfortunately, that's not the case and some parents will never accept their offspring for who they are/what they do.
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    lol bitch thinks she has the right to shake her head at you people are so weird

    +2x weird to the parents who would rather see their kids get arrested in their driveway than get arrested by actually doing something stupid and learning something
  13. Tell her you're a prescribed Medical Marijuana Patient, and you have A.D.D.
  14. Tell that nosy bitch to fuck off. Its your porch youll inhale whatever you damn well please.
  15. +3x weird for the people who make up stories about things that really don't/shouldn't matter

  16. Made my day good sir
  17. Thats what pisses me off. Stupid bitch has nothing better to do then spy on people threw her window at 10 at night. Then when i saw her she turns of all her lights so i cant see in her house. pussy.
  18. YOu should have a discussion with your parents. Print out a lot of good facts and show them how unharmful marijuana really is and all the positives! That sucks the neighbor saw u dude, sucks real bad.
  19. ^^It would be useful also to contrast that with the use of alcohol...drinking is legal, yet so much worse....perhaps they'd rather you switch? no, I thought not. lol
  20. *sniff* *sniff*.... I smell a minor :-X

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