negative side of drugs, responding to toker de peace

Discussion in 'General' started by maxxxbuddha420, May 18, 2004.

  1. relating all bad drugs to alcohol.../ alcohol killls brain cells, reverts u back in time like when u were a little kid.. trip drugs open up new parts of ur brain and shut down parts like alcohol just a little different, seeing things is not an illusion or hallucination, its ur subconscious mind telling ur conscious symbols for things. u know that voice u hear when u go to the bathroom and take a piss and ur trippin and ur talkin to urself in ur head.. thats ur subconscious at a higher level of thinking. reacting to the shutting down of ur conscious mind. the complete understanding of the subconscious and conscious mind while on trip drugs or not will give that drug a higher meaning and get u way more messed up than it use to... study about the brain and how drugs work and u'll have a lot better time on it. become a higher being *bling*

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