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  1. I've heard these do decent things for odor. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a wellmade, yet cost effective negative ion generator. The ones I found cost similar to the ionic breeze, but that's a bit steep for me. If i grow I will use a carbon filter as well, but stick an negative ion generator in the closet for extra measure. Anyone have any experience with these? Besides the use for ganja odor control, I probably should get one anyways because i love clean crisp air... plus I hear the negative ions make people happy. But I just can't seem to find a decently priced one that still works.
  2. No experience with these?
  3. Personally i never used one but i heard that if your moody,depressed or what ever they make you happier.and remove pollen,dust,pet dander,..ect so i guess its pretty good also theyre cheap to run,I found one for $130 how much are they usually?
  4. The Ionic Breeze is in the 400-500 range. I've found a few online in the 70-130 range which I would love to get, but not sure how well they fare... if they are even effective, or do I need to go more expensive.
  5. Depends ...What site are you looking at with the 70-130 ones? Maybe its a good deal.
  6. Type "Negative Ion Generator" into Yahoo and clicked one of the first few shops that came up.... none in particular. I'm hoping someone does have one in particular that they can review before I drop 100 bucks on something and find out fabreeze works better.
  7. I was looking at . I cant recomend them but give them a call and see if they seem decent and trustable.
  8. Wow... there trully is a .com for everything... lol
  9. The ionic Breeze and 90% of the ion generators out there are a scam. Whirlpool makes one that actually works. If you see one on a commercial, it is a scam. Just get an ozone generator or a carbon filter (which you can make cheap yourself) and you will cure the smell.
  10. Bar none, the best I have EVER used is THIS ONE !!! I loved it so much, I bought two more. My whole house smells like air after a lightning storm.

    After buying this, I felt like I got ripped off by Living Air. I wish I never bought that thing. Don't get me wrong, it works too, but it's four times the cost!
  11. Ions are a real phenomenon, and many ion generators work well. Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules, and what makes them work is that, like magnets, they will attract other molecules that carry an opposite charge. Dust, pollen, smoke, and molecules that cause odors usually are charged.

    An ion generator either releases negatively-charged molecules into the air or produces them on a surface, and these ions will bind to these undesirable molecules (which usually are positively charged) and thus trap them and neutralize them.

    The Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image indeed is a rip-off, I have done consulting work for a competitor of theirs. The Ionic Breeze has a series of metal plates that are ionized and is supposed to attract the bad molecules right out of the air. Their ionization technology actually is fine, this device's problem is it has no fan. Ions attract molecules of the opposite charge but not from across the room. In order to make it silent as a marketing ploy (and to save in manufacturing costs to boot) this device has no fan, thus no air movement, thus is pretty ineffective.
  12. I personally would not get one if I were you. They do nothing for powerful odors like MJ and they make your light balast go on the fritz and by the sounds of the balast when the ion gen is on it probably shortens their lifetime. Get an ozone generator but keep it where your air exhaust not in the room because ozone can be harmful to your plants. I do like the ones I got for personal use as they do seem to perk you up if you are around them alot.
  13. The effects of negative ions on our psychic well-being are scientifically documented. They make you feel refreshed and think clearer, some say they do everything from cure cancer to prolong life. Mixing water and air with a lot of force creates ions, that is why the oracles of olden days, the wise thinkers and prophecies, were always located at the base of a waterfall.
  14. If you only want it for the smell make a carbon filter its alot cheaper then when you smoke your bud youll be happy:). But If you really want one call up a company and ask them about it and see if you can return it if it doesnt work.
  15. Teviron Negative Ion Apparels - Innovative products, supply negative ions to your body CLOSELY and CONTINUOUSLY, activate cells, improve metablism, cleanse blood, adjust nervous system, especially effective in easing body aches, sleeping disorders (insomnia), allergy and depression. For more info, please visit:
  16. Teviron is made from "Polyvinyl Chloride" (PVC)

    Hope it don't burn as good
  17. My Missus has had depression for years now, after reading this I think I might buy her one (anything to try and help her). Does anyone know if they can actually work?

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