Neem oil and flowering?

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  1. The title says it all. Do you still use or. Or do you switch to something else? If you do use it how long do you stop before harvest? I can't imagine that oil taste good on your buds?
  2. IMO, neem leaves a nasty smell/taste post about week 4...

    I prefer Azamax, it is a neem fraction (the effective part). It hardly smells or leaves a fowl taste. I have used this two weeks before harvest without a noticeable smell/taste difference. Ideally you don't spray much of anything in late flower... I have found if I keep up with Azamax, and give them two sprays in veg, and one on the first day in flower, I get zero bug issue throughout flower.
  3. Yep...this...^

    Some will say that even just a small amount of UV exposure will break down the Neem oil and it may, but it still does leave a taste that's unwanted imo.

    I use Neem mainly, as needed on veg, and only in the first 2-3 weeks of flower. Never after that. Or any other sprays either.

    I was in my local grow store and was looking at getting some Azamax(concentrated azadirachtin), but sheesh, they are proud of it. :p

    Oh well, ill pony up the bucks soon and give it a try, I'm sure ill like it if it works as good or better than Neem w/o as much smell.
  4. The problem with anything made from neem used in flower is, it has to be used repeatedly to be effective, and spraying repeatedly will cause mold. I try my best to ward off bug problems before flowering and will use neem up until 3 maybe 4 weeks, but no later. You best bet will be things that can be used around your grow. Corn starch kills some bugs, borax others, sticky traps, bowls of vinegar. Tuna cans with oil. But I wouldn't spray my plants late in flower because of mold and residual chemicals left on the bud.
  5. I test my competitions products often. I'm shocked and surprised how often I smell the distinct nutty smell of neem on finished product. That is not quality product!

    I never neem past week 4 on an 8 week finisher. I used Sucrashield and frequently through weeks 4-6. Sucrashield biodegrades into sugar. Leaves no funky smells and it's totally safe. After week 6 I rely on ladybugs. They make a mess of things but my meds are always quality and never test for any pesticides on the GC system.

  6. That price of Azamax is horrendous but well worth it my opinion... I've tried many mite products but have not found anything as reliable as Azamax. Unlike neem, which merely smothers mites and requires several applications back to back; Azamax goes systemic and acts as a feed deterrent. After 3 application, 10 days apart (in the instruction) I'm good for about 3 months. I try to do 3 application every 2 months. I've found the moment I think, "nah I'll skip it this month, I haven't seen a mite in ages"; sure enough mites break out after that month. If I keep up on it I see nothing, ever. Best part is the mites don't get tolerant because it is a feed deterrent rather than something working on their reproductive cycle. Case in point, I used Floramite for so long it stopped working all together after a year. Don't get me wrong, neem works but the smell (garlicy to me) sticks around and user error in timing/application is a big factor.

    You can also soil drench with Azamax and it'll go systemic and provide protection.
  7. This is the first time I'm hearing of this product. Is it compatible with organic nutes? What is the cheapest place online to buy? I'll check Amazon, they are usually reasonable and I'll let y'all know what I find. Are there small to medium sized bottles? Are there different "blends"? Your time and answers are greatly appreciated.
    Also, since I get heavy rain here, In your experience, how long does it take for neem to wash off if you get thunderstorm type rain 4 days a week? Does the other product wash off too? Thanks in advance.:wave:
  8. I'm leery of anything that is long is the withdrawal period for it to flush out of the plant's system? I'd rather not ingest non-organic chemicals in my weed. Any idea on if this stuff Azamax is organic?
  9. You can use regualar neem oil as a systemic as well. I've never noticed any foul taste because of it. Down here we have problems with termites burrowing up the stalks, and I use it as a deterrent by watering with the same ratio that you would mix for spray. It actually kills the worker termites on contact.
  10. I don't have any bugs that I know of right now. I released some ladybugs. I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game.

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