neeed to get sober HELPPPP

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. yeah ima way too high to be in this situation ..... m rents went out for like 2 hours so i thot .. wtf ima smoke ang get high but i accidently got too high and my rents are on there way and ima way too high what can i do to sober up a little or like make my eyes not so red .... i dont have visine.........:(:(:( HELP ?????
  2. Hide in a box.
  3. This is The STUPIDEST thread EVER :) take a nap! take a shower! it's not like your geeken out on crank.
  4. LMFAOOOOO THATS HILARIOUS :hello::hello::hello::D:smoking: SHURE THANG

    no yo seriously .... anything ???? buzzkills ?
  5. Enjoy the ride baby. About the only thing you can do is eat... that will trigger metabolism to start, and that's a natural buzz kill... Or try exercising maybe? I'd say just go into your room, chill, watch a movie, so when your rents get home, they figure you're just gonna eb locked up for 2 hours while you watch the movie, by then you should be down substantially
  6. go to sleep.. take a shower..

    wtf man calm down lol.... your parents finding out your stoned isn't the end of the world.

    If it gets that bad just say your sick, I don't know
  7. I've been in that situation many times, and usually I'll just lie on the couch and say I fell asleep.
  8. Drown yourself into a toilet until you pass out and start regurgitating.
  9. Workout... eat like crazy... take a shower... go to sleep and blame it on being tired... etc.
  10. take a shower
  11. If you want to avoid the situation just put a note on your door that you didn't feel well and went to sleep. If they come in to check on you just make like you have the flu.

    Buzzkills? I find coffee helps me put things together sometimes. Sometimes jerking off helps too. Try doing something mundane like balancing your cheque book(or something else people in the '80's would do).
  12. How the fuck do you accidentally get too high?

  13. oops, i smoked again....damn it.
  14. wash your face repeatedly, but i doubt it will help. just take a shower and when they ask you about the red eyes, say you got soap in em. always used to work for me. why not just leave the house for a while till you sober up?

  15. Hahahah that was awsome. And you could rub one out, imo thats a total buzz kill.
  16. showers sober me up..:confused_2:
  17. Just don't look them directly in the eye balls, hide in the a movie in the dark and if they turn the light on yell at them.

    But it's easy for me, cause I have allergies and I always get red eyes. yay
  18. Yeah man, just jump in the shower, and get some eye drops or something. :smoking:
  19. Or you could be like "Yeah, i smoke marijuana and that's my perogative as a fully capable adult"
  20. Just tell them you can't talk to them because you got high. They'll understand.

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