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Needs the perfect place to hide weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brentmoses1992, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Okay so I'm living with my Dad now and when I first moved there I thought he wouldnt care that much so I didn't hide anything and he found and took my bongs and took them along with my creatine(funny story). Anyway he has lots of money for me to go to university and I think I might want to go there next year and he said if he catches me smoking anymore I wont get the money.

    So since about the end of june I havn't really smoked only when I go vist my friends in another town. So now I have a MFLB and a small amount of dank weed that I have stored at my brothers apartment. When I get back to NS from a trip to toronto Im on I plan to start doing a nightly toking regiment and need a very good place to hide the box and weed. I was thinking about maybe in the bottom of a shaving cream bottle if it will fit or maybe In some electronic if you guys know anything.

    Just let me know where you guys think becuase my dad is just fucking annoying and closed minded. He took my 1000g creatine bottle away from me the same time because he thought it was cocaine lol. He said he wont give it back till he takes it to "the lab" to get it testesd lol. Anyway just let me know what you think and I know it might depend on the house but some hinding in plain site things would be nice to know. K.T.:smoke:
  2. Fucking quit, or don't bring it to the house!!!
  3. stash it in your car
  4. KEEP the stuff at your Bros. apt.

    Don't risk a funded trip to college for a convienent High:rolleyes:
  5. I would quit.

    You have a choice to make and i think its pretty easy.

    1. Quit smoking, study hard, get into university and your father will pay for it. Then you can smoke all you want.

    2. Go behind your parents back and smoke with the possibility of being caught and ruining your future. (no money = no education. No education and it will be really damn hard to find a decent job)

    I think its pretty straightforward what you need to do.

  6. What he said.

    If you must stash ur nugs in ur house its pretty simple.

    Go to your closet/dresser.

    Take out a pair of shorts.

    Put the bag of nugs in the shorts pocket.

    now either hang the shorts in the closet like normal or just fold it in the bottomish of your dresser

    nobody will find that shit unless they r going through all your clothes one by one.

    and for christ sake make sure you do ur own laundry
  7. If you need to hide it, put it in a video game box(Ex World of warcraft). When is anyone besides you going to open that box? Especially if its in a closet or something.

  8. Probably not the best idea.

    MFLB and a little baggie should fit in any small hallowed out spot you can find. I don't know what your room looks like, just don't make it obvious mane. From my experience, the ordinary places will be looked at last.

    A shoebox underneath the bed probably means STASH BOX.

    Hollow out an old book on the shelf and put it all in there (like take a square out of a bunch of pages), then place it in between the other books. You can stuff your bag in a picture frame. Any old electronics you may have in the closet - find the most convenient yet not obvious one that comes apart easily and shove it all in there. Just think what you would look for if you were your Dad. Same concepts apply for your garage, or shed if you're sneaky.

    My mom never goes in my room, if she does I doubt the last place she would look for my bag of weed is in the pocket of the white shirt in between the other dozen or so shirts in there because I do my laundry. The vaporizer is somewhere else. She's only ever caught me because she smelled it, never found it!

  9. Also probably the best idea unless you're really looking forward to getting high every night.
  10. expansion bay of a ps2 or a lightswitch safe... butyeah idsay quit for a free ride and thats saying something because mary jane is my babycakeums lol.
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    first off , you dont need college to be successful in life. second your dads a cock sucker. third maybe you should stash your weed in one of your shoes. or cut a hole in the side of your bed thats up against a wall just conviently big enough to fit your mflb and dank.
  12. Amen to that and those are some good ideas. Also I am very much looking forward to smoking every night because I have depression and some nights are pretty rough. I think toking would be better than cutting which I do right now. Also for some reason my dad doesnt care if I drink even though I'm underage. I decided I wasn't going to drink anymore because it certainly wasn't healthy to drink 151 everynight to take the pain away.

  13. Uh oh, you said the "u" word!!!
  14. Underage != under 18 if thats what you're implying. It means under the drinking age... isn't that 21 in the states?

  15. Forget
    what I said, sorry.

  16. cuttings not good pal. its much better to stash your bud then cut. im not saying its good for you to cut, or that you should be, but if weed eases up on your depression the by all means smoke yourself silly! :D
  17. it's not hard to hide your stuff, and to not get caught.
    It's just this little thing called common sense. do YOU think your dad will go through your stuff? if you think he will hide it out side somewere or in your car.

  18. This is a very strong point. If you think your dad will go through your stuff, keep it at your bros. However, if you plan to stash it, you should do this:

    Grab a pillowcase, and a large sock.
    Put your bud, and other smoking accessories/things in the sock. Then put it into the pillowcase. This should reduce smell and I don't think your dad would expect to find a random sock in a pillowcase that he would just "happen" to be looking for.

    Go for whatever you feel more comfortable doing.
    If I were you, I would keep it at your bro's, go to college, and toke there as many times as you want a day.

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