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  1. The culminating for the english course I'm taking requires us to pick a topic, any topic specifically a broad topic like cars and not in depth like nissan 350z kind of thing. SO I obviously take the opportunity of writing on a topic all about WEED :smoking: :smoking: . I need some different types of sources though (The teacher is trying to get us to look past the typical google search and click) I need a source from a movie (Im going to use the union give me some more maybe?) and some sources of other people interviews kind of. So what I need from my fellow blades is to collect some information that YOU guys know about weed that could come in handy for my culminating, so leave any information that you know is 100% true and useful in any way.
  2. google "federally supplied marijuana" and "Granny Storm Crow's List"

    The fact that the Federal Govt. is supplying medical marijuana while failing to re-classify it in the Controlled Substance Act shows that they are contradicting themselves on their stance on the medicinal benefits of marijuana. :eek:

    Also mention how Virgina previously had a law that required all farmers to grow hemp.

  3. I remember the union saying soomething about that and completely forgot! thanks blade:D
  4. Hey this doesn't have to do with smoking. But have you heard of hempcrete? They are making houses out of hemp and limestone it actually gets stronger over its lifetime.

  5. The NORML website is probably a good source of weed info. Hell, you can probably find plenty of weed wisdom around the pages on this forum. If you have some kind of streaming movie service you can probably find the movies Breaking the Taboo and Fully Baked. Fully Baked is mostly satire, but they accurately point out a lot of the hypocrisy and B.S. used to intentionally demonize marijuana. The movie Breaking The Taboo is a lot more serious and hard-nosed.
  6. If you wanna mention other drugs aswell, check out "Breaking the taboo"

    It's all about the war on drugs, which apply to marijuana and every illegal drug.
  7. Yeah! Nice suggestions blades! Check out the latest documentaries and things that are also affected by the prohibition of marijuana. "Breaking the Taboo" came out last month and "The House I live in" is supposed to be a real eye opener. Might give you some material? Industrial uses for hemp like cars and entire houses could be a positive point since deforestation is a serious issue. An acre of hemp (<year) > 4 acres trees (>forever!). Honestly if you want to be taken seriously you need to research any possible fear YOU or ANYONE may have and disprove or acknowledge it! I still wait for the day I can drive in a hemp-car and go home to my hemp house in my forest of dank.
  8. [ame=]THC - The Stoned Ages - YouTube[/ame] THC the stoned ages
    [ame=]WHEN WE GROW, This is what we can do (Full Documentary) - YouTube[/ame] When we grow
    [ame=]Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis - YouTube[/ame] Clearing the smoke:Science of Cannabis
    [ame=]Cannabis: What's the Harm? episode 1 - YouTube[/ame] Series: Cannabis whats the Harm

    Thats just a few, and i really like to listen to all the Itunes shows, troll around here and talk to people about it. But watch all those, especially the clearing the smoke one, will blow ur mind

  9. Ive watched most if not all of those (I dont think ive watched any of the series) and they're all really good sources cheers brother:)

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