Needing help choosing a system right for my grow.

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  1. Title pretty much says it, I have a 2'deep by 3'wide grow room and i'm trying to get as many plants in this room without cramming or losing yield, but as I grew up building and growing in dwc, I know that's not the system right for me in this room. Anyone have any other ideas on what I can use? I preferably don't wanna go soil as i've been using hydroponic for years.
  2. Let me clarify a little bit, i'm looking for something that will be a multi-site grow, and looking for it to be a diy. As you can tell I don't have much room but been looking into ebb and grows for the last couple hours just seems all to confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. In that small space why not a couple of DWC bubblebuckets? Cheap and easy especially if you are only doing a couple plants
  4. Worried about adding water every 2 weeks when my plants get about 3 feet with falling over and such.
  5. I've had bad luck in the past. LOL
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    Lol, install a drain with a shut-off valve at the bottom and a way to add water.
    Id do the drain and install a 1/2" barbed "L" joint in each lid. Keep an extra bucket with a $20 water pump and use that to mix and fill your nutrient solution...just my idea. Oh, and if you do this go to Home Depot or something and get stone cinder blocks to put the buckets on so you will have gravity helping drain it. Again just an idea
  7. See what I did with my other grow room was exactly what you mentioned except I made a little stand 2 feet off the ground for my bubble buckets, when I drained, I put a hose connecting to another bucket to drain into. When I filled got a chair and put my drain bucket onto and let gravity do my work. But it sounded good on paper, when I got to the real thing I ended up having alot less room then I would of liked for my 600w due to the pvp piping. I'm trying to find a simple solution as like a ebb and grow, or drip irrigation with square pots. I just can't seem to find any. Hydro is complicated on that aspect which makes me want to go back to soil, I just know how beast I am in hydro. I've grown a plant that was in veg for roughly a month into a 4 foot monster before switching to flower in just a dwc.
  8. How tall is the closet? How about a small "fence post" style areoponics unit above a rez you could easily slide out and make the drain detachable or something. When you need to do a rez change just unhook the drain, slide out the rez, clean, mix nutes, and re-connect
  9. Roughly 8 feet, but I had plans to make the bottom 3 feet my mother/clone room and the top 5 feet into my veg/flower room.
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    Oh shit, I'd look at some grow cabs and go with a similar design
  11. I built a recirculating undercurrent DWC. It's sturdy, and scalable. Works remarkably, but there isn't room for a lot of plants.
  12. Well how many plants where you looking to flower at once ? Then you could go from there with the system.Dwc/bubbler with a 20 gal tote and get 6-8 plants or the the longer totes and add more plants and you could do the same with a bucket or tote style cloner.
  13. Walmart has 20 gal blk totes on sale for 4.97 so I got those to use.

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