Needed help with harvest. And y’all helped a lot!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jerry0929, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. I needed advice for a harvest before cutting. Just went on with it. But got good advice from a few folks, thank y’all. So a lot of trimming and taking it down left to do, but here we go!!!

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  2. This is the fun part. I’m about two weeks behind you and I’m giddy. Enjoy the process. Plant looks great. Auto? What type? How long total from first sprout to now?
  3. Sour kush, 82 days. Auto. Dude that thing started and sprouted in a DWC set up and I couldn’t keep my water temps down. It’s was dying within two weeks, root rot. Took it out. Peroxide and water with a spray bottle on the roots, then put it in a 3gl bucket of happy frog. That’s what I got. After it was sick. Happier than a pig in what!!??
  4. Shit. And it looks like you got a lot of it too, couple ounces I'd say.. hard to judge..
  5. When I took it out of the DWC, and it responded in soil. I said well that’s my quarter kush thats that’s what I called her. I Said hell that’ll be good enough from after almost dying. Bitch grew up on me and said who you calling quarter.
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  6. Nice save, Jerry! Looks like you'll get some awesome bud from it.
  7. Looks perfect what light did you use? Did you grow just one ?
  8. Congrats mate, hope it smokes as nice as it looks
  9. Wtg bud looks beautiful and frosty

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  10. 600 watt led and taking it out in the sun for watering her and letting her sit outside. Then crank the fans up and get the humidity out. Kinda doing a I know what to do but just doing it in a care fee way. It actually helped me to not be so on top of the plant everyday. Yeah just that one.
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  11. Well done looks awesome
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  12. image.jpg
    Update. Didn’t cut. But trimmed a lot. Tried the smoke quick dry that is in the oven which is no good. Got me!!!! So it’s coming down today. Focused on a lot of removal from the plant last night. Y’all know how that goes, it’s a bitch.
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