neede help making a web page

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeyaka47, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. if any one now waer thary is a good place to go and build a weg page or sit please get back to me iv got so rael cool pics like to make a site so i can share them so if you can help just right thanks and sorry for bad spelling
  2. thanks guys told i need help with every thing im new to this hera is what iv got so far on my page like to do a lot moor thow her is it is

    and hears one on thats has my pics

    k any info would be grat it yah be blunt if you have to but its my first time doing this what i would realy like is to have my web page have a lot to do with info and just stuff on pot if you can hlep just right back and sorry for bad spelling
  3. i would like to build a wep site but dont now how to do thatand the info you gave me not your site but the other thing its in spanish i think i cant ready it but thanks and sorry for any bad spelling
  4. k thanks guys or girls

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