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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Foundas, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. Hey guys, new to this forum and I would like your opinion and ideas about my thought.

    I'm thinking of using a carton box for growing a white widow plant. Its dimensions are 60cm (height) X 40cm (width) X 40cm (depth). I'll use 2 (1 feet) flurocent lamps, dress the whole box with aluminium foil and install 4 fans ( 2 for pumping fresh air in the box and the other 2 for sucking the air out.)

    I have read that White Widow is a small bushy plant and I'd like your opinion and suggestions on this.


  2. wow! that's a nice wind tunnel.

    I think you will probably need some more height if thats an option? most indoor plants will reach 100 cm, also add for the light distance 5-10cm. What type of fans were you thinking of using? and cool white fluros?
  3. the fans, are brushless motors, with reverse capapility, so you just crossover live and neutral (wires) and instead of blowing in the box, it sucks the air out. imagine the fan on your CPU...but these are 240volts, and you can mount them on any surface with just 4 screws. they sell these fans in any hardware shop and are used widely in electronic kits.

    As for the height.....unfortunately no. it's either this box, or my closet. unless i come across to a biger one.

    what are the best dimensions for a short bushy plant?

    as for the light...yes... cool white.

  4. ok i think that you will only need two fans, four is a little excessive, but keep the other two as a backup!

    The height is still going to be a problem though, you will need a pot that's at least 20cm height, and then you must allow for the height of the plant, you can train them or even bend them over, although i think you may still have a problem.

    Maybe someone else reading this post may have ideas of strains that will be suitable?.....anyone?....

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