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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by shoxx, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys im new to the forums but not new to smokeing and i have a rpoblem me and a friend of mine were caught about a month ago i had 2 ounces on me (about to make a sale) and my friend had an ounce (which we just bought) and we were busted now our parents have said that they will be giving us a random drug test whenever they feel like it so i have no idea when im going to take this test and i have a shit load of dank and wanting to smoke it what do you guys think i should do?
  2. Depends on your parents. If you think that if you fail the test they\'ll send you to jail, then i\'d say lay off the weed. If you smoke it now, you could say it was still in your blood since before you got caught. If your parents are semi-cool, you could try smoking it and failing your drug test and see what they do. It all depends..
  3. Smoke it and if your parents say anything tell them your an adult (assuming you are) and that if you choose to smoke pot then you smoke pot.

    I just sit back and laugh at these types of threads because it must suck to have your parents on your ass about pot, the last time my dad said anything related to my smoking it was \"Go open your window\"
  4. im no adult im 16 years old and my mom is a cop :( and there really strict
  5. You meant to say 18 right?
  6. i dont think you kids are allowed in here...
  7. ur banned then. gotta be 18 to be on the site dumb shit.
  8. lol then u would b an adult wouldnt u

    btw who caught u im guessing just ur parents bc if ur over 18 and caught with 2 ounces on u by the cops i think ur screwed
  9. Looks like your going to have lay off the pipe for another 2 years (when you\'re 18, it\'s against the law for them to DT you w/o your consent).
  10. If I were you I\'d prolly lay off weed for a lil bit.....At least till your Mom thinks you don\'t smoke it anymore....But if you really really want to smoke....Then I\'d buy some READY CLEAN drink it 2-3hours before you have to drop....This shit works 98% of the time...Allways worked for me...The stuff costs about 20-30 deppending were you live...
    That should do the trick..........
  11. edit what you said mad fast my dude
  12. under their house, under their rules, especially in your situation dude. Gonna have to lay off until you learn how to become more sneaky, but i would not recommend being a dealer out of YOUR PARENTS house, wait until you are old enough to move out, then you can do as you wish

    just my 2 cents
  13. You could start buyin a lot of azo pills, flush drinks, etc. Only smoke when you KNOW your not going to have to interact with your parents for a couple hours so they dont suspect your high...

    Your mom is a think you picked the wrong recreation.
  14. not necessarily. my mom is a cop as well, and my dad used to be

    just need to be careful about your hobbies is alll

  15. Too late. Sorry!
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