Need urgent help Whats wrong with plants

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  1. Hello, my plants leafs turned downward. They look unhealty. Thry are in flowering first week pre flowering phase. I couldnt understand whats wrong. I give water every 2 days and give fertilizer with every second or third watering. Everything was going well. Can you help please?

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  2. Does this only happen before lights out? How do they look a few hours after lights on? Could be that they are just resting
  3. Possibly too much love and not enough light imo.
    Plants look wilty from too much as well as not enough water.
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  4. No they are downwards when lights on. I closed lights to take nonshing photo
  5. Then it must be water related. I water deep and then feel the pots weight and dont water again until light. They start drinking a lot during stretch/flower
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  6. thats what it looks like what @ Framia has said to much water ,,let the grow medium dry out before watering again ,,,mac ps when you water how much runoff of water do you have you might even be under watering the plant ,,mac,
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  7. Problem solved. Problem was underwatering. I gave water and now they look fine. Thank you all.
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