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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by suuure, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Aight hello GC i need to vent about this kid who is annoying as fuck. I'm generally a chill person and i'm still nice to this kid but i just am really annoyed. Alright he's that one kid who thinks he's like fuckin Plato after he hits the blunt. He goes on about how everything is corrupt and thinks he knows politics and just so much annoying shit. Always is a smart ass and is completely ignorant to anyone else's opinion. Like don't get me wrong i love deep talks about the world but this kid is just annoying and thinks he's better than everyone else.. How do you deal with these kids post a response and have a good day ..
  2. Ahh, sounds like a know it all lol That can be a real buzzkill, i'd try to find a new person to burn with or tell him straight up what you think of him.
  3. Haha it's a group not just me and him so he is just in the group and yeah i'll probably just try to be straight up
  4. fuck that where that new shit the chronic Iced tea's
  5. Be straight up dude. But, wordplay. Outsmart him with his own words.
    Funny shit. But no negative vibes... lifes a process. Make it as positive as an intention can be.
  6. i had a dude like that that i smoked with. just destroy him in an arguement. im talking hiroshima type destruction. next time he starts acting like that, hell remember.'
  7. Fuck his mom.
  8. hang out with more mature people

    and have sex with his mom
  9. I'd solve that with one quick, swift bitchslap. :D
    Jk just tell him straight up that he needs to shut up

  10. This made me lol hard.

  11. Don't waste your time thinking about a flaw you see in someone else.
  12. You guys would be friends i bet.
  13. Instead of venting, PROVE HIM WRONG.

    If you think he's ignorant, provide evidence that he is incorrect.

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