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Need to vent real quick...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brian34, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Alright so I been dating my girl for almost 3 years now, we been on and off for the last year though. When we first started dating back in high school I didn't smoke and was against it because of the fact that I was uneducated about the herb. She however encouraged me to just try it out and see what it's like. So after a while I did and I liked it, but I only did it maybe once a week. Well this was cool for a couple months but than I started doing it more and more but never more than 3 times a week till this summer where I started doing it pretty much every day. For her, smoking is something that you only do with friends to make things more fun, but for me its more than that. I smoke with my friends a lot too but I also smoke by myself in different situations. Like I will toke before I go into work (Low level job where it doesn't really matter) or if my depression is picking up or if I just feel like burning a bowl to put me in a great mood. She says I have become a complete stoner because of the fact that I use herb to relax and help with depression. Right now she is living in Florida with her aunt (I live in PA, so it's a good bit of distance) to help her out since she just had surgery so I haven't seen her really since I started smoking everyday. She says she doesn't want someone (Since we been looking to start renting an apartment together) who smokes this much but I tell her that it doesn't affect her at all so I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong. I mean maybe I shouldn't smoke every day, but it's my life/body/bud so I feel like I can do what I want. Sorry if this makes no sense at all, I just needed to vent since she has been pissing me off with how much she is bugging out about the amount of bud I smoke. Opinions/thoughts are welcomed and encouraged
  2. I have a similar problem. My girl always knew i smoked weed and then suddenly she just started freaking out about it last night and saying shes done with me because of it out of nowhere. Anyways she smokes fucking cigs and then complains about me smoking? It just pisses me off because cigs are way worse.
  3. I completely agree! My girl smokes cigs and drinks but it's not ok for me to do herb. If it doesn't affect the other person than I see no reason for her to be mad, ya know?
  4. I'm 46 years old my friend and I'm going to tell you one thing. Quit letting some chick tell you what is right or wrong for you. Use your own mind, think shit through, make your decision and stand by it. If she doesn't see it, then that means she is NOT the one for you and move along. The biggest mistake young people make IMO is letting the opinions of others drown out their own inner voice. Best wishes.
  5. just dont tell her? if shes in florida whats stopping you? i know you probably dont wanna lie to her but its better then not having her at all, right? just a thought
  6. This is happening to my buddy right now, hes been buying an oz a week and keeps it at her house so she can help him regulate... bitches been smoking just as much as him pretty much and now shes demanding him to stop blazing.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I keep telling her that it shouldn't matter to her and I told her that I wasn't going to stop smoking for her. It is my life and I'm going to live it how I want because I have to live with the repercussions of my actions not anyone else. I told her that I honestly don't know if I will smoke 5 times a day 5 days a week or 5 times in one day and than not smoke, nor should it matter since either way it doesn't have any affect on her. Im just not sure how to show her that it doesn't affect her because she won't listen, she just goes "I'm really upset about it so obviously affects me." Obviously I don't want to upset her but I'm not going to give up something that I enjoy doing

    Dishonesty isn't something I want in a long term relationship and if me and her stay together than we are looking to move in together when she comes back home so hiding it would be much harder.
  8. [quote name='"killc0unt"']just dont tell her? if shes in florida whats stopping you? i know you probably dont wanna lie to her but its better then not having her at all, right? just a thought[/quote]

    They're looking to move in together....its something they're going to have to deal with sometime..
  9. Yeah if she is upset with you blazing everyday now it's really going to eat at her when you move in together.

    My ex fiance (5yrs) was the exact same way, she's pro-weed and will smoke any chance she gets. I was like you, uneducated and had never done it until she introduced me to it, for years we would smoke together on the weekends, and then I started smoking nearly everyday by myself, and eventually everyday rather she was around or not. It wasn't much of a problem with her though, until we moved in together, then she started freaking about my weed usage, even though she would still smoke, it was stupid, everytime I got a bag I'd feel like I'd have to sneak it in just so she didn't ask me where I got it and how much it was, and then proceed to rip my head off about smoking before asking for a bowl.

    My suggestion is to work it out with her, or get out, if she doesn't tolerate it now there's no way in hell she will tolerate it when you move intogether. Females like these tend to be pretty selfish and have a "what's in it for me?" attitude, so keep that in mind if you try to reason with her.

    Now I have a chick that smokes just as much as I do, if not more, and will even pickup for me.
  10. I'm sorry, you can't live with someone and be in relationship with someone and simply tell them that your actions/decisions aren't their business. You're sharing your lives, and she can't avoid the consequences of your actions. She has to live with being with you when you're stoned, and live with you spending money on weed that could go towards other things.

    At the very least, you need to work out a compromise or come to some sort of agreement. It doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as everyone's happy. That could mean convincing her that she can be okay with you being high all fucking day, or it could mean you and she brokering when you smoke. If you don't want to compromise, then be prepared for the consequences.

    Relationships are work. Either you can find someone you love and work to keep it out, or you can keep dumping people until you find one who happens to be perfect for you in every possible way. (I'll give you a hint, nobody's perfect.)
  11. so she introduced you to you smoke everyday, and she doesn't like that fact that you smoke? Wtf dude. Hypocrite.

    If you like to smoke then smoke away, but try to get your life straighten out. I think chicks like that guys can support themselves and still try to have a good time at what they like to do.
  12. So chop her fucking head off or something..?

    Jus keedeeng:smoke:
  13. I'm in the same exact situation except with my sister. She doesn't want me to smoke more then 2 times a week. I do anyway haha
  14. wait up, so she got you to try weed and now doesnt want you to do it ... wtfff

    maybe its a good thing your not that close, like if youve tried educating her and she still wont come around there are plenty other biddies around, but i can also see why that would be a hassle and a half

  15. Best advice ever right there. If she can't accept who you are then she isn't worth the time. Never force yourself to change because someone else wants you to.

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