Need to rant. NYS sucks

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    NYS. Where 55 percent of the population wants something, but the government basically tells you to fuck off. Granted, we have until the 19th for the finial decision to be made. With how things are now, I have to say it’s not going to happen. Illinois passed legal weed. Why not us? We are supposed to be a liberal state, but we are being made fools of by everyone else that legalizes it. I honestly don’t see what the hold up is and it is pissing me off. I don’t have a stead hookup right now, and I am tired of relying on an unmentionable for my mental health issues. Fuck NY. While I don’t see things changing what do you guys think? Will NY change it’s mind?
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  2. Don't expect anything from the government and you won't be disappointed.
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  3. Why u waitin for them to give ya the green light? Just grow it’s not that scary to grow 2-4 plants.
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  4. Bro, you gotta do more than 2-4 plants. Do at least thirty plants outside that way you're guaranteed at least 15 females. Top, train them,tie them down and keep them low & blended in with the surrounding foliage with other plants. It takes over seven months of outdoor growing and drying to get a decent crop of buds. Might get only 3-4 oz's on a plant if you're lucky and doing more plants allows you to give some away. :smoking:
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  5. I can’t grow because I have 3 roommates.and I know that would not go down well. Trust me, if I could I would.
  6. That's why they make carbon filters and fan silencers :) but I would also look into a micro grow or space bucket that should get you enough to make it by and idk about your state but anything under 5 plants is a misdemeanor.
  7. Just find a good outdoor spot and don't tell any of your room mates about the grow spots. Set em and forget em and maybe you'll come back to a nice big patch of buds or a male plant. Get some feminized seed that way you're guaranteed some nice colas or just throw some bag seed down.

    For 5 plants bro?. Sounds like some nazi shit. I say fuck that absurd law and grow on brothers.:weed:
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  8. Oh you know it coming soon to il medical patients te can grow and just so happens that I am married to a medical patient who doesn't want to put In the time nd effort but it's funny you say set it and forget it because she has a magical plan that she is just gonna throw one in the back yard and get bigger better plants than me. Lol now I am not saying I have any monsters but I dont think the elements are gonna give her a plant that even makes it in our backyard I have enough trouble. Keeping the pest from my vegtable garden out there.
  9. [​IMG]

    I'd do a medical card if they allowed up to 30-50 plants and only if the card costed $15.00 yearly.
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  10. Yeah, our state (Illinois) just legalized weed, and other states should follow that. I think that New York, should definitely legalize it. The biggest states with the biggest cities are legalizing it, and once New York is added into the mix, the industry is going to explode.
  11. No home growing allowed so I would not call what they passed as a legalization bill at all and five plants is not very much to grow. I grow way more for free of charge and I know whats in it.
    They should just allow everyone to grow twenty five plants each, that would be enough to get a nice yearly stash going.
  12. It's not like dirt, water, and nutrients are going anywhere anytime soon. I don't condone breaking the law, but I'm pretty sure you can "accidentally" sneak a few more seeds in the mix. The reason why Illinois limited growing 5 plants to medical marijuana patients is because of regulation. Regulation can sometimes be a good thing. Illinois has studied all of the other states that have had legal recreational marijuana and found that there was a huge black market of sales with letting the users within the program grow at home.

    I believe Illinois has made growing up to 5 plants only for medical marijuana patients only a law because of these black market sales. (For example: selling without a license, selling to minors, etc etc.) Honestly, without regulations, you can't really put safety measures into place because you have to trust who you are buying it from. Sure, there are people who just want to grow their own medicine, but with that, a lot of people who grow the plant, and sell them to make huge profit in many ways, shapes, and forms can possibly go a little to far with things.
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  13. Oh I'm fine with breaking an unjust law that the state enforces. The black market really just consist of average American citizens who buy & sell marijuana to each other. So what? Black market is miss labeling. It's not like they are bad people. It's the laws that make them into criminals in the first place and that's what's legalization is supposed to change.

    Black market sales are caused by the laws that the state writes.
    . (For example: selling without a license, selling to minors, etc etc.)
    This does not take place ever. I've been buying pot from various people for over twenty years and never ever have I ever seen them sell to a minor or would they. The tobacco companies gas stations have sold more minors cigs then black market people have ever sold to any weed to minors over the years.
    and sell them to make huge profit in many ways, shapes, and forms can possibly go a little to far with things.

    This should be secondary. First should come the restoration of rights and then allow everyone to compete in an open market.

    I'm gonna grow up to twenty five plants and if I want I will give it away or sell it even and the phony will law stopped nothing only fuel the problem.
    If I was a store owner I would be demanding the laws change but I'm not really seeing it from them. In fact I am seeing the opposite.

    Overgrow em all
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  14. I get where you come from OP. While I applaud the states that get it it sucks to be in one that don’t. Maybe tomorrow.:GettingStoned:
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  16. Well, miracles DO happen. I awoke one morning to find that the State of Vermont government, had declared recreational reefer legal... all on their own! No referendums, no voting; just changed the law.
    NOW... it is still bollixed up because there is no method for legally BUYING reefer... but you can grow two mature plants and four immature plants. Come on; that IS a lot for personal recreation. Illicit pot has plummeting in price.
    The usual cautionary laws followed; discretion, one ounce possession limit (unless you grew it!), government buildings, schools... apartment houses, if complaints!
    It'll happen; it's just a question of when.
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  17. 4 plants? That is not a lot of smoke and everyone knows this only the people who don't grow and smoke say this to us. It takes seven long months(longer for haze) to complete an outdoor grow cycle so I don't understand how you can already pre determine how much unknown said 4 plants would yield. It could vary from 2 zips to two pounds. But you would have to pre veg a plant indoors for 8 weeks before spring to get a quarter pound plant. I also share my crop with others who can't grow and will never be able to. I don't see why there is problem with letting people grow 25 plants? You'd rather see someone be caged because they grow twenty five plants but it's ok for the state stores to get rich? Ok........
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  18. How would you possibly know everyone's situation? How would you know if someone is good or bad, law doesn't make someone a bad person, a bad person will always seek to do bad deeds regardless, and that's just a given. Sometimes people lace weed with stuff that isn't suppose to be in there in the first place without even telling the user. This can possibly get into the hands of minors more easily as it would through a dispensary. Even with the dispensary, a person can still walk in, buy weed, walk out, and start a black market selling it to whoever he or she wants regardless of age. I personally don't think marijuana should be in the hands of minors, same goes with nicotine products or anything else along those lines.

    Again, how would you know everyone's situation? Just because you have obtained cannabis through 20 years of experience and never encountered a minor sale, well then congratulations.

    However, it doesn't matter what you seen, because every situation is different. My sister goes to middle school and I drop her off and pick her up on my days off of work, and she tells me how all these people are offering her weed for a price. I asked her how in the hell are these young kids even getting their hands on cannabis, and she told me that a few of her friends knows "dealers".

    Not to mention marijuana is getting legalized her in Illinois very soon (January 1st) and my sister told me she heard it on the news and that everyone is going to be blazing it up after school. Again, not only does the blacked market have access to making a profit off of minors (which I have a big problem with) but they can also have the option to lace the cannabis with something these minors don't know anything about or what they are getting into because they are all just dumb kids who don't know any better.

    This is just a small segment of possibilities.
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    I don't know everyone situation, yes but we're talking about one situation. 2-5 plants is not enough for everyone for a year and I'm avoiding the retail stores because I'm not seeing any legalization activism from them. In fact they're saying home growing threatens the legal stores because it cuts into their profit. What I am saying is just because someone decides to grow and sell pot does not make them a bad person but the law is bad and can put them in a bad situation is all bro. That law causes the problems, not the cannabis.

    Laced weed is a myth. I've never seen it and it rarely ever happens so stop spreading propaganda on us just to make your legal stores look better. I never said it should be in the hand of minors but if you think selling it in a gas station/stores is going to stop that, not gonna happen. I'd rather a teenager score a bag of pot anyway then a case of beer or bottle of whiskey.

    No I never have encountered a minor sale, or even heard of it. I know at least fifty other people who have bought marijuana all there lives and they have never seen a minor buy pot from anyone. You make stuff up man.

    Dude, It's not legalized. It's tightly controlled prohibition and there is a big difference. You could say prohibition 2.0.
    Again you keep saying black market, it's just regualar people who buy and sale marijuana. If you're buying from cartels well that's your fault. More reason to grow.
    they are all just dumb kids who don't know any better.
    Speak for yourself.
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    Not every legal store has this view, only the greedy legal shops who only care about profit and nothing else. The foundation of a business is revenue, and shops will not be possible without revenue. Hopefully I don't have to explain to you how a business works, but I can tell you not all businesses are crooks. There is company's who want to actually help people, and there are company's who simply just care about profit. Again, this is you assuming everything negative.
    You're right, if someone wants to grow and sell, that's completely fine. However, if they have the freedom to sell to whoever they want without regulations or legal boundaries, then they have the choice of selling to minors or do something even worse. The law is bad? Seems to me the "LAW" is passing cannabis laws in the first time in what... forever?
    Again, here we go with you assuming everything. Laced weed is not a myth, and it does happen. Just because YOU don't see it, doesn't mean it's not out there. I'm starting to think you don't even know what the fuck you are even saying half of the time. Propaganda? This happens in real life, and just because you haven't seen shit, means you have a lot more to experience in the real world. What rock are you sleeping under? In a perfect world, I'd rather see a teenager score a career.
    This is by far the most ridiculous thing you've said so far, congratulations. High School students blaze up all of them time in which most of them are under the age of 18. Many kids are adapting to Juul's and Marijuana because it's trendy, and kids love trends. You say I make stuff up, but I could honestly say the same about you. Anyone with a brain can tell you are full of shit with a bias view of things.
    Incorrect, marijuana is now becoming legal in the states and it's expanding fast. Tightly controlled prohibition - haha please. Cannabis laws are being passed for the first time in history in the United States, yet some of you still cry like a 5 year old infant who can't have another cookie. Go get your Nesquik bottle you big cry baby. Again, not everyone in the black market is a good person. Just because this guy over here is doing good business, doesn't mean the other guy over there is, but it doesn't matter because you are gambling with other people in the first place not knowing officially what's in the product, or where it's coming from. Regardless, a black market is an illegal traffic or trade. Good thing we can actually buy weed now in stores, and actually know what's in our product, oh wait let me guess, 'IT'S ALL PROHIBITION!". Anyways, as far as you mentioning the cartel, you never really know where you are getting your weed from in the black market, which is another reason why legal weed can have it's advantages.
    Right back at you rock head.

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