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  1. I got this from a buddy he said he paid 200$ for the bong and 50$ for the stem.
    I looked everywhere and I can't find it.
    Anyone know more info?

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    I had a bong that looked exactly like that, except with tree percs. Same design and heigh.

    Paid $117 after tax, stem included. Was one of my least favorite pieces actually.. I still have it. It has really old water in it up on my shelf and it's nasty. lmfao.
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  3. Please don't abuse that poor bong with that evil water
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  4. trust me, that thing's been retired since my freshman year of college.

    a broken perc and downstem... uncleanable grime... ehh I decided it was time to move on :cool::pimp:
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  5. If your friend paid 50$ for just a stem, he's retarded. You can pick up just about any size stem for 5-10$ at your local headshop. And I highly doubt he paid $200 for the bong considering no one would pay that. He's probably just trying to pawn it off on you and make profit.

    I pledge allegiance, to the bag, of dank ass marijuana. And to the bong, for how tall it stands, one lighter, loading bowls. Smoking happily, coughing and highness for all.
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  6. As sad as it is, this is 100% true
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