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  1. My friend who is also the big dealer in my school (known him for 5 years now, before he started selling) offered me some Adderall. The price will be 4 for 10 bones or 10 for 20 bones. I'm thinking about getting four because I've never tried them before. I have no idea what the dosage is for them or if they're XR or IR. Here's what I'd like to know: what do they typically look like? (pics please) Whats the high like and what's the dosage for someone weighing 165 pounds and 5 foot 10 and no tolerance? I also heard they're popular with students to take to stay concentrated on tests. What dosage should I take if I want that kind of effects? Finally, how long will the high last if I crush up the pills and snort (I may just crush them up and swallow if that's recommended) thanks in advance for any help!
  2. try the search function ;)
  3. I did that and wasn't fully satisfied with what I read. I want to try to hear some responses more catered to someone of my weight and lack of tolerance. Also when I did the search I only found a couplenof threads only on adderall, most of them are about prescription meds in general, with adderall mentioned just once or twice
  4. I don't think you looked hard enough ;)
  5. check out 5mgs should be little blue circular pills, 10s are brighter blue ovals w/ pointed ends, 20s are orange and the 30mg xrs are capsules either orange and white or ive had another that was green and white. ive only used them to stay up all night and write papers or go out drinking, never for theyre own effect. but try erowid they have pretty much everything about everything. good luck to ya
  6. Adderall = Poor Mans Coke
  7. Thanks for the link to the appreciation thread, I didn't see I and I'm sorry that you had to take your time to show me such a big thread that basically answers all my questions. So from what I understand now, it'll hype me up and I'll be able to almost enjoy trivial work around the house and it'll make me more efficient? I'm still not sure on how much I should take though...
  8. Also, can someone give me the link for Adderall on erowid? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
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  10. WRONG.

    So many things wrong with that but I'm not even getting into it.

    And OP, 45-50mg should have you speeding. It's a great speedy feeling, where you can do pretty much everything better and faster. It's nice to mix with opiates too!

    Just make sure you have something to take for the comedown, like xanax or a benzo. Go with the 10/$20 simply because more is better and you're only paying $2 a pill.

    Amphetamines are amazing.
  11. addy is speed... not coke at all
  12. Anyone have an idea on how long it'll last if I take 50mg?
  13. i just recintly got prescried adderal will its a generic i got its amphetamin salts and i got 10MG pills which are bule with pointed ends and i toke 20MG and was wigging out i had such good concentration had no appetite at all the whole day and everything was amazing all i wanted to do was have a very deep conversation with people made me very social and the 20 MG lasted about 4 hours but the come down was horrible my body was so restless but i couldnt fall asleep and i ate like 6 french fries and was full the whole day but if its ur first time taking them i would definetly not take 50 MG mabey like 30 MG
  14. I was reading some more on the official adderall apreciation thread and a lot of the people posting on it talked about only taking around 15mg at a time. So why are they saying 10-20mg and someone on here said 50? Also, should I break it up or take it whole?
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    10-20 medical dose

    >20 recreational

    i wouldnt start too high tho (15-20mg id say)
  16. Alright cool. So if I wanted to take some before a big test I have in a week, how much should I take, should I break it up or keep it whole, how should I take it (orally or snorting) and how long should it last?

  17. holy shit man I completely overlooked your sig like 20 times. That's one kick ass thread you made. I would plus rep you right now but I'm on my itouch right now and it doesn't let me do that for some reason...

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