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Need to ID a strain, Purple tangerine?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fatphstyle, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Hi all, just want to know the origin of these seeds I have. I'm a medical smoker in cali, and have been so for a few years. In my many, many trips to the club I've only gotten a few seeds. One time I got 3 OG Kush seeds in an out door batch of kush.

    Then theres my purple seeds. I got them from CPCC on mission blvd (closed now). I got a whole ounce, but one nug, I got around 20 seeds. It was a really chronic purple. Not the TOP NOTCH, 350$ zip shit, but some really good grapes. I had seen it around (Only at that club, though) and I really just need to fucking know.

    If anyone knows or has any good ideas, please help! I want to know the genetics of my babies! Thanks!

    I'm growing out the seeds now. They're healthy as hell. If anyone had any imput, it's be greatly appreciated.

  2. its a indica strain...i got some seeds in the same batch and it was from CPCC on mission street too...weird
  3. Weird. I actually got them from Vallejo (where the club re-located, then got shut down).

    I know it's an indica... But NOBODY has ANY idea?

    Maybe some fruity shit x gdp... Hmmm..
  4. its not gdp its urkel

    _______ X Purple Urkel

    sorry i cant be more of a help
  5. That's nice to know, thanks man.

    Purple erkel x Tangerine

    Must... Find... Tangerine...
  6. It may not be erkle... I mean there are so many purple strains, it could be any one of them. As for Tangerine... I've heard of a strain called Tangerine before, it is basically a different name for a Hawaiian Skunk.

    My guess would be that it was a Purple Indica mixed with Skunk #5 or somthin... That actually seems like a really good combination.

  7. the club i went too told me urkel, her excat words were " its an urkel cross" and i said with what and she said " not excatly sure, but if your looking for a good nights sleep, your going to love this" and i got it because i knew urkel would put me to sleep

    i smoke haze in the morning and urkel at night, sorry wasnt trying to sound like a dick
  8. #9 fatphstyle, Feb 14, 2009
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    You want pics of the seeds? Seedlings?

    Never took pix of the bomb. It wasn't extraordinary or anything, but good purps for 270.

    Dimebag... Thanks man! That probably answers the question. Male Hawaiian Skunk x female purple erkel.... What's different about Hawaiian skunk opposed to normal skunk? Didn't particularly seem skunky, but you never know with crosses.

  9. idk if its skunk i didnt smell any skunk in it but i only got a 8th... i was thinking more like cali orange x purple urkel. i know its purple urkel not sure about cali o...but it smelled fruity to me (never had hawaiian skunk) so idk

    just a guess

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