Need to harvest tonite, pesitiside issue

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  1. Hello, Well My superskunk plants are all looking like they have no white hairs left and all red hairs now, so I believe that they are ready for harvest :hello:

    I just have one big problem

    I have to harvest tonite! I will be called away on business unfortunately and have no one to take care of them. I went out and visited these babies this morning ( down here in beautiful sunny houston ) and they were all lookins stellar... other than a few bug chew marks on the fan leaves. I sprayed some orgranic pestiside on them, and left the spot. Now I am faced with this predicament, Can I wash the pestiside off the plants and still harvest them? Can I use a spray can and get it all off? If not, how dangerous is it for me to smoke these babies after ive done all i can do? What a terrible problem, and yet so wonderful at the same time. Please anyone, help!
  2. pesticide*
  3. what is in the pesticide? Most garden safe poisons break down in 3-5 days. I'd smoke em...but then there's no telling what all I've smoked over time.

    You might try water curing the plant(s) that you sprayed. I hear it reduces yield and doesn't look pretty, but it should be fine for putting your mind at ease about smoking bug bombs.
  4. The bottle says

    Active Ingredients:

    claified hydrophobic extract of neem oil......................70%

    Other Ingredients:.................................30%


    I do not have to leave until tomorrow thankfully, so I got an extra day or two. I went to see them today and just sprayed them down with a spray bottle of water to hopefully rinse it off. I hated the thought of losing some trich's :mad: but of course its better than smoking bug spray. I should have pics tonite
  5. If they don't have bugs that you can see, why spray at all? The fan leaves are no good to smoke anyway. And never spray a plant just before harvest, the bud needs to be dry when it's taken in to hang, especially in Houston, where the humidity will make it hard to cure. Good Luck, and Congrats!
  6. neem says it can be used right up to's a search in sick plants to ease your worries...congrats and enjoy:cool:.

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