Need To Get As Big As I Can In 3 Months.

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  1. I know what is and isn't possible when it comes to gains but i need solid advice on how i can maximise my gains, i only have 3 months till i go to Europe for a month and my confidence will be crap if i don't like what i see in the mirror. Currently i hate my body, i'm skinny as all hell.
    Can anyone share with me a nice diet/supplements/training plan that will make me see some sort of gains i really need this. I am starting to do the Gallon of milk a day challenge as i have heard it is a good method but yeah i just need advice as i'm not the best when it comes to this stuff, i'm stopping all drug use until then to try to help as well. Thanks in advance guys i will appreciate any info.

  2. Do you  even lift?
  3. Yeah I do go to gym but the guys I go with like to do isolation exercises and the sessions usually go for two hours and I haven't seen much gains. I've been sick with a bad flu and haven't been in two weeks. I was hoping someone could offer tips on what compound lifts to do. I'm a noob at this stuff as I have said. That's why I've come here to ask. So yeah lift I do even bro.
  4. This is not rocket science just weight lifting so try and keep things simple for now by eating big and lifting heavy.
    As for your diet,take your body weight in lbs and multiply that by 20, this is a rough estimate of how many calories you need to eat everyday if you want to start seeing progress. I say fuck the gallon of milk a day challenge and just eat.
    A simple training regime would be as follows
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    you won't get "big" in three months especially if you're skinny. it takes over a year to get "big" even with good genetics, diet, proper training, etc. plus you gotta consider the first month or so of weight training is always the transition where you're still learning
  6. I have worked on my form and it is pretty good so I'm ready to get into the heavy lifting and when I say I want to get big I'm not picturing coming out of this as a tank I just want to see some amount of gains. I'm not exactly asking for a miracle guide I'm just trying to ask for tips and tricks people have picked up that can help me. I'm looking for supplements but don't know where to start as the Internet is flooded with bogus products that are all about marketing and not my body's well being. I guess I'm just going to have to push my body as hard as I can for the next three months without over doing it. Can anyone recommend some solid supplements?

    I'm looking for a decent creatine supp a good protein shake brand and also a pre workout supp that will help me give that little extra in the gym.
  7. Isolation exercises won't help. You need to do heavy compound lifts like squats, bench press, Deadlift, overhead press, barbell rows, etc. try googling starting strength and GOMAD. Those two combined can add a lot of weight in 3 months. And a lot of strength.
  8. Don't worry about supplements or preworkouts, they're a waste of your money. GOMAD is all you need along with 3 meals per day.
  9. Thanks a lot squat that was exactly what I was hoping someone would post.
  10. Good luck dude
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    Best of luck man. Ima skinny guy so I know the feel.but make sure to come back and post your progress.
  12. slim build? take in max calories. mostly proteins. attempt to burn twice the calories you take in. get a job for the summer working at a commercial tire shop(18 wheelers) and stack the tires 10 high over and over. i work in a shop that does work with casings so i do this all day.
  13. If you are fucking dedicated and driven you can hit the roof of your potenial, hopefully you have the willpower to do it however that means making the effort every day.
    Good luck! 
  14. eat for the body you want to be and do compound lifts. eat protien, veggies, and complex carbs ( or low carb). The GOMAD thing seems decent unless your lactose intolerent, im LI and drinking a gallon of milk a day would ruin my insides. Also seems like a lot of carbs and some people get weird side effects from a ton of commercial milk due to hormones and stuff (this can also cause the fat to go to weird places )
  15. Yea GOMAD can have unpredictable side effects... Some people get crazy acne, farts, puking, etc. but if you can push through it, you'll gain weight quick
  16. yah i know that if i have a glass of milk i pretty much shit(and by shit i mean piss from my ass) out a glass of milk 30 min later plus stumach pains. "pushing" through a gallon a day wouldnt allow me to leave the house or go like 50 yards from a bathroom, i think if i did GOMAD it would almost be "cutting" due to waterloss and pushing food through my system too fast.
  17. For what it's worth, I did GOMAD with half gallons and it was much easier and also worked well.
  18. your not gonna like what you see in just 3 months. Bodybuilding takes time. After 2 years of lifting you will still get hit with the occasional "do you even lift" meme.
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    I did Gomad for a month with no side effects whatsoever. But I may just be an exception. 
    Op keep your workout simple, I recommend starting strength (SS).
    Following SS alongside a good diet with GOMAD (I only did Gomad for 6 weeks)  I gained 25lbs over 3 months.
  20. My vote goes to SS + GOMAD.
    You'll notice a change, even in 3 months.

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