need to find safe place to smoke

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  1. I recently moved into a townhouse apartment and i don't know if my roommates are cool with weed, so I don't feel comfortable smoking inside. All of the townhouse apartments share a backyard so i can't really smoke out back. Any smoking spot suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I live in a college town so most people are probably pretty cool.
  2. The elevator at the police station.

    Just kidding. :D Not knowing where you live or what's around there, it's hard to recommend something. I used to make use of the local bike path and parks for outdoor smoking. Any place away from people, if there are any nearby.
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    Do you have a car? Smoking in your car is the safest bet if your room mates/family are against drugs (just keep an eye out for police etc). If you can't find a secluded area get some coat hangers with some clothes and hook them to the handle bars on the roof of your car to block your windows.

    If you don't have a car/driver's licence then you're next best bet is to make a sploof out of a toilet paper roll and some dryer sheets and blow out the window. Other than that fuck em. It's not like you're smoking in their room or some shit. Maybe get the rooms on the top floor if you and another guy gonna be smoking.

    Also don't forget to put a thick blanket or a towel under your door if you do decide to chop up in your bedroom as the smell of fresh bud will travel under doors.

    Another option is to go out into the woods. Although where I live that's not an option with all the wind we get down here. So weather permitting this would be another safe option.
  4. nah just go out in the woods bro

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