Need to buy a new piece but need recommendations?

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  1. So i only want to spend at most 100$. i really dont want to spend that much. Ive been looking around on aqualabs because i cannot order from grasscity. I found lots of different glass i liked but i figured i would ask before putting money down. i already have 2 bowls and now im looking at bubblers and bongs. are the smaller cheaper bongs even worth getting? like this or would a bubbler like this be a better option both are really cheap but thats because like i said im trying to keep the cost as low as possible but still get a nice bong or pipe. or this steam roller i like too.
  2. Oxy moron aside, pick the one you want. Since its going to be yours and probably around for a while as well.
  3. Why can't you order here if you don't mind me asking?

    I get 404s on them links.
  4. Ok here is what you do. Click this link Marijuana Packaging: Dispensary and Smoke Shop Supplies and buy the nicest most expensive piece you can find and you will still only spend about a $100. i have used this website many times and have only gotten one bad piece every other time made purchases here its been thick heavy glass so if your on a budget and want a nice glass pipe this is the site for you. let me know what you think
  5. Local head shop fool

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