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  1. Well im new to the hydro growing , what I have going is a dwc 5 gallon set up with bubbler and hydroton in my basket , Ive also put a secondary 5 gallon Rez outside of my tent with a pump and 1/2 poly running to the top of my tent bucket with a 3/4 return line from the bottom of that bucket to the bottom of the external Rez bucket ! I have a drip line also off the top off the 1/2 poly running to my 5 gallon bucket inside the tent , what would u guys call my system ? Also when I feed nutes , I'm using gh floronova fro do I ph my tap water before adding or add then ph ? Thanks guys for any help

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  2. Mix everything first and adjust pH last
  3. I don't get it , I've used my tap water that I think is pretty good , 63 ppm out of the tap , yes chlorinated, so I let it sit for 24 hrs in open air , I then ph this plain water to 6.0 and it will not stop creeping up to 6.5 and higher , any ideas what's up with that ?

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