Need suggestions for naming a dog.

Discussion in 'General' started by PinkFloyd08, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. My sister has 2 dogs right now, and her husband said if she came up with the perfect MALE dog name, she could get another one. It will be the same breed as the ones she has now, shown below. Also no weed or drug related names, shes not into any of that.

  2. Smokey McWeedbonghits

    JK. How about Stan?
  3. Bob Barker or Ruffles..

    I'm personally leaning towards Bob Barker.
  4. I'm a fan of regular names for animals. Like George or Clark or Tom.
    I have a turtle and his name is Vince.
  5. Is it a weimaraner? Looks like one but its kinda hard to tell in that pic, if so, the name Blue (Bloo, Blu, Bloo, Bleu, Blooooooo whatever) works, because they are usually semi blue in appearance hahahah. But thats kinda more of a female dog name, if you ask me. Smokey (in reference to their color, not pot smoke) is a good one, Goofy, cause they are hilarious fuckin dogs.... Hooch, cause i love that name....
  6. I should also mention the dogs they have now are used for pheasant hunting, so maybe something "sporty" or related to hunting.

    @Sirsog yes it is a weimaraner
  7. Bolt
    (Usain Bolt)
  8. How about "Dammit"

    1. Dammit come here
    2. Dammit go outside
    3. Dammit move
    4. Dammit, you need a bath
    many more examples I am sure

    the name should work just fine for most dogs...

    or there is the old trusted "Spot".
  9. IMO your sis should come up with her own name, she should name her dog what she feels what the pups name should be, not a name suggested. An original name that fits the dogs personality.
  10. Max Normal

    Mad Flavor (props if you get the reference)
  11. When I get My two great danes Im nameing them

  12. name the dog go.

    go in chinese means dog
  13. looks like a george.

    or food. :yummy:
  14. Frisket.

    +rep to anyone who can name the show this is from.

    Hint: It's from the 90's.
  15. Reboot!!
  16. Reboot.
  17. You got ninja'd. But you get rep too for sake of it being a close call.


    fuuuuuuck, must spread more rep before you can get more brahski.

    Sad face.

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