Need suggestions for "good" cheap vodka & whiskey..

Discussion in 'General' started by Ratroll, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I need some suggestions for a decent cheap vodka (besides Smirnoff), and I need some decent/cheapish whiskey for myself.. I usually get Jim Beam, but I kinda wanna try something different. As you can see, I know very little about liquors. Thanks for any suggestions ya got
  2. Moonshine is really easy to make.

    There are tons of DIYs online to.
  3. hmm , cheap vodka... just pay some more and get sky or absolut...grey goose is best, but expensive.

    for liquor, captain morgan...cant go wrong with the cap'n.
  4. As far as vodka goes I'd say definatly go with the Sky it has a very clean taste you wont regret it

    Personally I prefer sour mash whiskey Id go with Jack Daniels
  5. i do not drink vodka much, and when i do it tends to be grey goose or absolut, neither of which are very cheap

    as for whiskey, i know you mentioned already, but i am a fan of jim beam. i just really like the way it flows down my throat and it tends to be one of the ones i like the most.

    jack daniels is a little more expensive than jim, but it has a decent kick to it as well

  6. i hate jim beam but if i need a bottle to last myself 2-3 days, handle of jim is 20 a 5th of jack is 20...i prefer jack when i ain't tryin' to make shit last, but i only drink whisky with the guys or alone, always beer at party, or gross ass vodka, i don't know vodka besides grey goose
  7. SKOL vodka, $10/liter
  8. my mom used to put jim beam on my pacifiers when i was a baby and i was teething

    i have always kinda liked it. Jim n favorite drink, always has been
  9. eh i can't stand like any liquor of any sort nowadays, my stomach is just like all fucked up haha. I do really like jager though... chased with the blue monster its really fucking good. Especially if you really like black liqource, which i do.
  10. I will suggest grey goose vodka.. It  is a good quality, clean tasting vodka. You must try this...
  11. I think Tito's vodka is the best. I'm a huge vodka fan, it's 15 dollars. . .but it's totally worth it. 
    If 15 dollars is too much for you, Pearl vodka is my favorite cheap vodka. Their flavored vodka is also the most flavorful.
  12. For cheap vodka, Smirnoff triple distilled.

    For whiskey, Evan Williams.
  13. wild turkey is cheap ass gut rot whiskey.
  14. Just get Pinnacle or Pucker :confused_2:
  15. Pfft! As a person who grew up in Bourbon Country, Wild Turkey isn't bad. I also was just at the Barton Distillery, and Very Old Barton is pretty classic. Even exclusive, top quality bourbons aren't ridiculously expensive, as opposed to Scotch.

    FYI, sour mash is typically used for all American whiskey, including bourbon.

    I wish I could still drink the stuff. :-(

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  16. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. 
    /thread (please. let it die)
  17. I like whiskey but cheap whiskey to me is aweful. I Iike jameson and jack but not much else.(except for jim bean which you dont want) You might like wild turkey. For vodka ive drank a ton of cheap vodka id say skyy. Round where i like you can get a handle (1.75) for 20 bucks. Popov is good for cheap vodka too. I wont touch mr bostons with a 10 foot pole though that shits like 12 bucks a handle and id rather drink piss.

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