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  1. Ok so I have extreme wilting leaves that look like overwatering but I'm running a dwc hydro . Also I have a smaller plant that suffered root rot then established a new root system and began growing albeit slowly . Now the leaves a curling down and the area that's curled. Crumples and breaks when touched

    Ok stats plants are 26 days from seed using general organics full line after a recent switch from gh flora


  2. What is your temp, pH, ppm, nutrient mix, etc.?

    Are you running an air stone?

    They are stressed in some way, but more info is needed...
  3. Ppm 822
    Ph 6.2 from 6.9
    Temp 83 -89
    Nutes temp 70.9
    Plants are two feet from three 1300 lumen lights 24 hour cycle
    Using general organics go box all nutes on the schedule

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  4. How are the.roots looking? use something like hygrozyme to help keep algae from growing?
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    No I do not use anything to keep algie from growing . As for the roots they are all growing like the world is gonna end but are also covered in a brown slime between the root hairs, but it resembles some of the Organics products so i am not sure . I am having a crazy hard time regulating my PH every day it floats up to around 7 i dunno if that matters


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