need some ventilation help here...

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by tony8404, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Okay.. i have a 6x6 room with a 3x3 cab in it.. the cab is 3x3x6=54 cubic feet... i have a 400hps in there that has two 4 inch duct booster fans attached to each side of the hood one fan pulls air in the other pulls air out and both 4inch ducts leave the 3x3 and the 6x6 room.... then i have a stanley lasko blower 655702 model number.. it has three speeds the lowest is 1250 then 1750 then 2180... from what i understand is my blower is overkill.. so i place the blower at the very top of the room and have 6inch duct attached at the outtake leaving the 3x3 and the 6x6 room... i then made 5 4x4 inch holes at the bottom of the 3x3 room .. i also connected a bathroom exhaust fan that is 50 cfm as a intake for the 3x3 room which has a 4inch duct6 flex tube pulling air from outside the 6x6 room all the way to the 3x3 room...well did a test run and the temps are still 84 degrees... is this cause my blower is over kill? or not enough intake holes?what should i do?????

    should i take the blower and attach that to the hood and take the 4inch duct fan inplace of the blower? from what i read they say 1 squared foot for every 300 cfm... any help???

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