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    I've been growing some pretty ladies for about seven weeks now. Unfortunately, two of them turned out to be males. Or, so I'm guessing. I want some second opinions. I'm not too keen on this sorts of stuff. Here are some pictures I've taken of some of the nodes displaying what seems to be balls, heh.

    Also, I've got one plant I'm sure is female, but another that I'm afraid is a hermi...
    Now, I have the same growing space for all of my plants, and I don't want the hermi pollinating the one that's female... Could I do anything to keep this from happening, or should I just remove the hermi, and take care of my only female?
    Confused and need advice,
    Thanks. :)

  2. Hey dude. You should take your female and separate her from the males which in the pictures looks a lot to me like Males...  sorry and id get rid of the hermi for sure... you don't want that hermi pollen fucking with your lady.
  3. And if your trying to use the male pollen its best used 2 weeks before harvest or else you will have premature seeds so you should move your female away from the male as soon as possible.
  4. Ah, okay. Thank you for the response. I'll give the one I think is a hermi more time to show it's gender for sure. The males will be assassinated soon enough. Thank you. :)
  5. Kill every plant in those pics.
    For sure males

  6. No problem dude

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