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Discussion in 'General' started by TheFax, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hey there guys, just wanted some opinions (as if I wasn't worried enough).  I've got a PTI meeting on June 10th and probably won't get tested but I'm not going to bank on that ever. 
    On the 10th I'll be 15 days clean, and before that I smoked for about 10 days.  Not multiple times a day but still smoking for 10 days.  BEFORE that I was clean for over 3 months.  I've been doing everything I've seen online to flush my body (Cranberry juice, Eating healthy, Working out). 
    My question to you guys is do you think I'll pass if he does PISS test me?
      Swabs are no problem. 
    Also on a side note.  I have friends who tell me to NOT work out extensively before a test unless I have about 3 weeks to a month before, and then others who say to work out as much as you can.  I can't find too much online about it. 

  2. I just wouldn't worry about cuz ain't no amount of worryin about gonna change what's-a comin.
  3. ^This is the truth but still kind of hard not to..
    lol Yeah really. You'll probably be alright.
    Look in to fruit pectin to pass a test. IDK if it works. Worked for me once. Would hurt to try I guess.
  5. wait where did you hear working out cleans out your system?
  6. Alright thanks man will definitely look into it. 
    I've read it online before.  But I've also read that it makes things worse if the test is close.  Which makes sense because THC is stored in fat cells and when you work out you are obviously burning off fat cells, which puts it into your system. 
    THC is not stored in your fat , THC metabolites are, but you might be right that working out could make the drug test worse becuase drug test detect THC metabolites which proves youve consumed THC

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