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Need some info on "The Green Dragon"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sir.TokeAlot, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I heard about making this "green dragon" and my bu8ddy started making some. We used a liter bottle of E&J. We put an 1/8 of stems and about 1-1.5 G's in bud. I was wondering if keeping it in a dark spot is necessary. I read some guide to kaing it on here and it said to keep it in the dark. I can do that, but i just need to know if it is absolutly necessary to have it in the dark.

    I don't know if it matters but the bottle has 1/4 E&J, 1/4 Jack Daniels, 1/4 Watermelon Smirnoff, and 1/4 Taaka (SP??) vodka in it. Do certain types of alcohol absorb THC faster?? Im pretty sure the higher proof helps.

    Also, do you guys call this by any other name besides Green Dragon?? Me and my buddies call it Chronic Tonic. What nicknames do you have for it???

    Sorry, if im rambling but i took about 4 shots of it and i have a rum and coke on the rocks with me, im havin a good night.:hello:
  2. 100% darkness isn't necessary, but direct sunlight is obviously no good.

    To have the THC absorb faster, grind the weed as fine as possible and shake vigourously for a minute or two. THC is a polar solid, and alcohol is a polar liquid, so doing this will dissolve all of the THC. Run that through a filter and you have instant green dragon :)

    Alcohol is alcohol. The higher the proof the greater quantity of THC can be absorbed in the liquor.

  3. sunlight can deplete thc, so it is a good idea during the making, and storing process for it to be kept in a cool dark location.. It would probably be such a tiny loss it wouldn't amount to much difference in the final product, but it best for any thc wether it be a bud, hash, or green dragon to be kept, and stored out of direct sunlight.

    My cousin uses green dragon/tincture as a way to get higher concentrations of thc in the system quickly without having to smoke all the herb it would take to achieve that same level.. You can make this as strong, or as light as you'd like, but it can be made to the point where 1oz would have me hitting the sack in 20-30 minutes. It's takes at least that long for me to pick myself and regain enough composure for me to make it from the floor to be the bed after injestion LOL;)

    If you like the deep body high feeling you get with edibles this would be the way go IMO. The alcohol aids in the absorbtion of the thc, and effects come on much quicker/stronger then taking it with food, and waiting for the body to digest it.. I like it when it's strong enough to where you dont have to choke down enough alcohol to get heavily buzzed, but it contains enough thc to where your flying in a matter of minutes.

    The alcohol used really doesn't matter all to much as long as it contains a high alcohol percentage. You could probably make it with wine, or lighter liquors but the dragon has to sit longer, and if not enough alcohol content all the thc will not be absorbed into the alcohol. So if your using a lot of herb in the drink it would be best to use harder liqours such as grain alcohol, vodka, rum etc. IMO. I happen to like the flavor of jagermiester though. if you never tried jager I wouldn't run out and buy especially for this as it has a flavor you either like or hate, and it is a bit thicker like a syrup. I like though, and thats what works for me
  4. Awesome. Thanks for all the info. And i only had jager for the first time like 3 days ago, it wasnt cold but i still love the taste. I was thinking of doing it with straight jager cause it tastes so good.
  5. You should do it in a high proof alcohol; Jager is only like 35% alcohol I think. My friend has been putting our stems (and some bud) into a 200ml bottle of Everclear for a while now, it's looking very nice and green.
  6. wait you mixed jager whiskey and vodka? wtf...
  7. lol that's what i thought, i never mix different kinds of alcohol especially dark liquor and clear liquor.

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