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Discussion in 'General' started by Mayor_LaLa, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. As many of you may or may not know, coming up in November, the state of Nevada will vote on a proposition making marijuana legal for adult possession and consuption. They will be the first state to pass an all out free use law, but it is an uphill battle. Many of the posters on the Yahoo! discussions regarding this issue are trying to use examples from other nations that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana for personal use.

    What I am asking for is for all the "city" citizens to help out with our fight over here. I have found people at the "city" to be much more intelligent about this subject, and with much stronger arguments regarding whether it should be resticted for use or not.

    Anyone interested in helping out can see the discussion at

    Please, please, please... we need more people to join this discussion that can participate without resorting to name calling. I find that the trips to this "city" here help to fortify me in my fight... but, alas, my strength is starting to dwindle.... won't you come play with me!?!

    Thanks to all!

    Mayor LaLa

    **ps.... I'm a girl!
  2. If you mean from any city i'm from seattle (smoker central) and my "knoledge" lets me say that weed is much less addictive than cigrettes contains more stress relieving chemicals and most people who smoke both smoke less cigaretts than weed ex. a pakc of cigs a day vs. a fev bong rips 3 times a day of mabye two blunts a day.

    hope this helps
  3. also that roll roll roll a joint rhyme is TIGHT
  4. It's gonna be real chill if its legalized over there (even though it has to be passed again in 2004 on the ballots before its actually legalized....stupid ass govornments rules).....But I live in a bordering state from Nevada (Cali) so im gonna be drivin up there soon as it is legal.

    Just bring up the alcohol topic....Why is alcohol legal when weed isnt? I have yet to see a big politician answer that question in the media...They gotta legalize man, they got no right to outlaw it like they did, but this is America right?

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